Last Friday, Nancy Pelosi announced that the House of Representatives will hold a vote on ‘Obamacare’ this week. It appears that the bill will pass in the House. Pelosi would never hold a vote unless her whips had informed her that she had two hundred sixteen votes. This is the number the Democrat party needs since Rahm Emmanuel has harassed and intimidated a ‘no vote’ into quitting. Perhaps one or two Republicans will vote yes. That is it. It seems to me that turning fifteen percent of our GDP over to the federal government should require a more bipartisan approach. Instead, Democrats have had closed-door meetings, shut off to all television crews, where lawyers have crafted a bill that is now almost three thousand pages. Three thousand pages. After a public hysteria ripened to a palpable disgust over the back-door deals such as the ‘Lousiana Purchase’ and the ‘Cornhusker Kickback,’ as well as Obama’s failure to follow through on his repeated promises to televise all healthcare debate on C-SPAN, the President finally held an open meeting to discuss the process. Republicans were invited when the camera crews were finally allowed in. The President spoke ad-nauseum. Little time was afforded the Republican Party which was attempting to represent the constituents. When the time discrepancy was mentioned, Obama said he does not care to balance the time, because “I’m the President.” Obama also assaulted Senator Cantor for placing the legislation which was being debated in front of him, with highlighted portions and notes which he planned to discuss. In response to serious concerns raised from Mr. Cantor, the President called his actions a political ‘prop’ that “can actually prevent us from having a conversation” and said that it takes every page of the 2,400 page bill to administrate healthcare. This is because “healthcare is very complicated. We can try to pretend that it’s not, but it is.” How many pages are in the Constitution? Oh, about thirty. But running healthcare is a more complicated matter than running a country, I suppose. I guess we would not understand. The people are too stupid. Perhaps the President needs to explain it better. The House of Representatives was created by our Founders as a body that would do what the people wanted. Originally, the Senate was supposed to be much less of a representative body. Senators were not elected by the people. They were appointed by the Representatives. The Representatives were elected directly. Therefore, they were supposed to fight to do what their constituents desired. I understand that the people are not always right. If 70% of Americans decided to force euthanasia for all people over the age of sixty, the House should not immediately decide to craft legislation to that effect. In that respect, ideology does play a role in the lawmaking process. I respect Obama for sticking to his ideology; but at what cost? 70% of Americans now want Congress to start over from scratch. 62% of Americans want healthcare to stay exactly as it is. Who can blame them? Our country has, for decades, led the world in medical advancements. If Canada ‘has it right,’ as I was recently told, why do Canadians cross the border for life-changing surgery? America was not founded as a welfare state. Most of the people who are against the bill do not want to pay more money so that others can have free healthcare. The people who do not have healthcare right now are generally the people who are not working. Problematically, a huge number of hard-working people simply cannot find a job right now because businesses are not hiring. Is the solution to raise taxes on the rich? Maybe then they will be able to employ more workers. For once, maybe the people will have a voice loud enough to cut through the fog of politics surrounding our Capital. The solution is not taxing and spending more. The solution is for the government to shrink and cut taxes so that employers will be able to hire workers again. As the late Ronald Reagan once said, “Government is not the solution to the problem; Government is the problem.” Pelosi has announced that the great vote of our time will occur next week. Will the House of Representatives represent the people or the President?

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