Back Scratch Fever!

Remember that short guy from Chicago who was governor last year? You know, the guy with the big goofy hair? What a weirdo! Rod Blagojevich… that was his name. The Obama administration made it clear to the media that this guy is crazy. And I mean he is just a lunatic. The media spoon-fed this message to the people. Then the FBI released the audio-tapes. ‘Blago’ really did have conversations in which it sounded like he was selling Obama’s vacant Senate seat to the highest bidder. Here is the problem. Barack Obama was one of the bidders. Union leader Tom Balanoff testified in the ‘Blago trial’ today. He swore, under oath, that Valerie Jarrett was in direct communication with Barack Obama. She approached Balanoff and told him that she was interested in the vacant seat, and asked him “did Barack call you last night?” Later on, Barack Obama actually called Tom Balanoff directly, to push him to apply pressure to Governor Blagojevich. Mr. Balanoff was busy and Mr. Obama left a voice message. Obama then called the Union leader again. Our President asked Balanoff to push Blago to get Jarrett into his Senate seat. The voice message is solid evidence. The testimony is direct. In my mind, the President acted in an unethical manner by using his influence to push a union official and a giant contributor to Democrats, including Blagojevich, to pull their support for the governor if he fails to appoint the President’s first choice. Does this qualify as bribery? I will let others with legal experience be the judge of that. In February, Joe Sestak first claimed that he was contacted directly by the White House and offered a job in exchange for pulling out of the race. This is very definitively illegal. The D.C. statute clearly states that it is illegal to offer anything of value to someone in exchange for a vote or an entrance or exit from a campaign. This does not fall under the Bribery statute, but it’s own, more broad statute. In this case, it is much more clear-cut. Someone in the White House did break the law. For three months, the White House was asked questions about the situation, on and off. In May, the Obama administration finally answered criticism that the President may have offered Joe Sestak a job in the White House if he dropped his bid to run against Arlen Specter for his tenuous Senate seat. Robert Gibbs responded to these questions by saying that after a review of the matter, their lawyers had determined that “nothing inappropriate happened.” Gibbs revealed that during their three months of failing to respond to the criticism, the White House was giving their lawyers time to review “conversations that happened with Congressman Sestak.” So the White House admitted that someone in the White House acted in a questionable fashion by offering Sestak a job if he dropped out of the PA race, but said it was legal, after a lengthy review. Still, the public has not pushed for a further investigation into the matter. We still do not know what specific person offered Sestak a job. Someone in the White House did. We still do not know if Obama knew about the job offer. Presumably he did, or the official would not have offered it. But now there is direct, sworn testimony that places our great leader in a new bribery scandal. In this case, Obama himself pushed a key Union leader to pull support for Rod Blagojevich if he failed to appoint his friend, Valerie Jarrett into his vacant Senate seat. Perhaps neither act is illegal. Perhaps there are not enough votes in the House to impeach Mr. Obama. But watch out. Blind loyalty to the President and refusal to ask questions about unethical and suspicious acts in the penumbra of the public eye will no longer exist if the Republican Party takes back the House in November. The storm is coming. Maybe ‘the One’ has the power to click his heels and escape back to Chicago.

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