Web Censorship Bill is Seriously Suspect

One of our nation’s 100 Senators, Sen. Jay Rockefeller IV of West Virginia, recently said “there’s a little bug inside of me which wants to get the FCC to say to Fox and MSNBC, ‘Out. Off. End. Goodbye.” OK, great. Members of one of the most powerful institutions in the country are now openly endorsing government censorship of American discourse. This is not surprising to me at all. Only a few months prior, our Executive Leader, Barack Obama, gave a commencement speech to Hampton University. He emphatically pronounced that too much “information becomes a distraction.” The President specifically addressed the “24/7 Media Environment… that bombards us with all kinds of arguments.” All of this information is “not only putting pressure on you; its putting pressure on our democracy.” The President specifically denounces information “on blogs and on cable and on talk radio,” as being dangerous “distractions.” Clearly, there is an antipathy towards these types of media among some in government. This is why I am also not surprised to see that a new bill which would ban certain websites recently flew through its Senate Subcommittee. The government has no concern for protecting freedom of speech in this country. They are building bureaucracy to thwart free speech. The bill in question will allow government bureaucrats to block access to websites that are deemed to have any copyright infringement. So who determines what qualifies? Which venues will the new bureaucracies scour for evidence of copyright infringement? MSNBC? Perhaps the President does not want information that is potentially harmful to his reputation published. Maybe I am just a cynic, but I doubt that matters in this case. It seems that we are following the same path as countless other powerful countries that have flourished in the past. As with Rome, The United States emerged as a bastion of freedom but has slowly absorbed individual liberties as the government has become immeasurably monolithic. Britain has followed the same model. They have similar laws to the one being fast-tracked through our lame-duck Congress. Britain currently has bureaucrats blocking websites upon any fanciful whim they may have. The press in their country and ours is being harassed and shaped by the powers that be. Uber-elite society molder George Soros is using his immense fortune to mold the discourse among the media. He has bankrolled many of the liberal politicians in our country and he is currently bankrolling dozens of far-left media outlets. The Soros-generated politicians are not going to use new legislation to ban the speech of their sugar-daddy. Instead, they will attack the few forlorn faces in the media that remain loyal to their own thoughts and are not beholden to a master. It is a scary time in America when billionaires like Soros finance institutions that assault sponsors of decent journalists in intricately covert attempts to shut their ideas out of public thought. Perhaps it is not as frightening when these efforts are exposed. The covert emperors have been forced to show their faces. Now, our ‘representatives’ in the United States Senate are openly calling for the abolition of free speech in America. Because we, the people, can see and hear the overt efforts to zip our mouths shut, we understand how seriously jeopardized our freedom of speech has become. It is easier to fight an enemy who is dancing under the spotlight; cackling as he counts his money. If I were to meet Senator Rockefeller, I would thank him for his honesty.

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