Pray for Victims, not Regulations

God be with the families of the victims of the recent Arizona massacre. Average Americans are praying this and similar prayers today. An ordinary American’s reaction to the shooting is grief. Ordinary Americans want to reach out to help the victims. The same cannot be said for many crazed liberal journalists and law-makers. An insane man shot over a dozen innocent Americans at a peaceful political rally. Because a Congresswoman, Mrs. Gabrielle Giffords, a democrat, was one of the victims, the media immediately lurched to the conclusion that a crazed Tea Party conservative perpetrated the attack. Anti-freedom socialists like congressman Bernie Sanders and his media allies have been hoping for such an attack for months. Since the inception of the Tea Party, they have scoured rallies for examples of hate speech and incidents of violence. They went to the Restoring Honor rally hosted by Glenn Beck. They brought their cameras. They were eagerly anticipating an angry “pit of hate” assaulting protestors that they had bussed in. Instead, they saw Martin Luther King’s daughter praying for America. They saw troops standing tall and brave. They saw Church choirs singing songs and celebrating their faith. They saw the reincarnation of the black-robed regiment holding hands as one and praising God by whatever name they knew Him. They did not have their crisis. The disgusting reaction by the New York Times, the Daily Kos, socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, and many others, was an extemporaneous reaction to the first chance they had to move the public to pass gun regulations and restrictions of free speech. Much like Democrats used the BP oil spill to “mobilize the citizenry,” (Obama’s words) to pass a cap-and-trade law, our ‘representatives’ are already discussing gun restrictions and ‘net neutrality,’ among other anti-freedom and anti-American measures, to prevent another tragedy. This is a despicable exploitation of a national and personal travesty. They should be ashamed of their words and actions which have deepened the pain of the victims’ families. Their grief has been debased by narcissistic lunatics who care nothing for the lives lost and care only about their agendas. New York Times journalist Paul Krugman said “it is legitimate to hold Republicans and particularly their most virulent supporters in the media responsible for the gale of anger that has produced a vast majority of these death threats.” Mr. Krugman made these statements within two hours of the shooting. The day after the shooting, Bernie Sanders included Loughner in his group of common “right-wing reactionaries,” before any of the facts emerged. Timothy Fitz of the Daily Kos even tweeted “congratulations, Sarah Palin.” The tweet included a link to a map that Palin’s PAC had drawn with targets on “key districts” for Republican gains. The tweet was sent minutes after the incident was first reported and long before any substantive information was ascertained. The implication, of course, is that the shooter must have been a right-wing activist who followed Palin and took her map as advice to kill a liberal Congresswoman. This is not true, as the facts have now elucidated. According to a friend and classmate of Loughner at the local community college, Loughner was a “left-wing pothead.” He had been obsessed with Giffords for several years. He had stalked her years before Sarah Palin became a nationally famous politician. The point is not that the left should be regulated instead of the right. The point is that pundits should not make irrational claims without any facts. The point is not that left-wing speech should be restricted. The point is that no speech should be restricted. America has a justice system. Loughner will rot in jail. Hopefully America’s freedoms will not rot with him. Bill Clinton’s response to the shooting was perhaps the most rational and helpful response from a famous American citizen. “We need to be careful about the things we say.” Very true. Know the facts. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. An Arizona sheriff blamed Rush Limbaugh for the Loughner attacks. His violent conservative message, he claimed, must have inspired the killer. Maybe not. Let’s explore the Sheriff’s logic further and apply it to the facts that we now know. Perhaps Loughner heard the President urge those familiar with the oil spill to give him all the facts so that “I know who’s ass to kick.” Maybe Loughner heard Obama boisterously blast to his supporters at a political rally that if the Republicans “bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.” Perhaps the journalists blaming Palin and Limbaugh do not even notice their own hypocrisy. The unfortunate truth is that they probably do notice. They just do not care. As Obama’s chief advisor Rahm Emanuel once urged his fellow Democrat lawmakers, “never let a serious crisis go to waste.” American legislators will seize any tragedy as an opportunity to steal freedom from the grasp of ordinary Americans: the same ordinary Americans who are grieving and praying for the families of their fellow countrymen while Capitol Hill rulers dream about ways to make a name for themselves.

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