The Last George Washington

During his farewell address to the nation, he gave a dire warning to the citizens of the United States. “Beware of foreign entanglements.” He implored the citizenry to remain extremely hesitant to spread out their tentacles and become an empire. George Washington is hailed by many historians as the greatest President in our short history. The founding fathers foresaw many grave dangers to the Republic which they so heroically established. Of course, they felt that we may not be able to sustain the system for more than a few short decades. Because of their tireless work studying every government known to man throughout the world; they came up with the best solution they could to keep the people safe and free. Due to their remarkable prescience, the Republic has endured. Today we are ignoring the warnings. We are blithely shredding the Constitution. We are blindly carpet-bombing whichever countries our President sees fit with no Congressional approval. Yemen. Egypt. Pakistan. Bosnia. Kosovo. Yugoslavia. Saudi Arabia. Now Iran has our drone? Are we so blind that we don’t notice our resources being spread thin? I am certainly not an isolationist. I do think we should go after those who attack us. Our President should lead by addressing the populace and asking Congress for a declaration of war. If the war is necessary, Congress will act. George Bush did exactly this before invading Afghanistan and Iraq. Obama has done nothing required of him by the Constitution before invading Pakistan, Yemen or Iran. It is certainly important to defend the US internationally from time to time. Even so, it is rational for a citizenry who is being assailed with bombs and missiles to desire retaliation. As such, our leaders should exercise a bit more caution than they have been over the past couple of decades. It was Dwight Eisenhower that warned of the coming Industrial-Military Complex. Certainly, the Republicans have taken this plank and made it a paragon of their political platform. If a Republican even mentions traditionally conservative values of protecting the Homeland and remaining neutral when possible on foreign affairs, he is labeled a “danger” and a “crank.” There is but one lone voice in the wild that is calling for us to abide by the Constitution. Only one candidate would actually dismantle the Industrial-Military Complex and bring the troops home when and where it is feasible. And his name is not Barack Obama. Dr. Ron Paul is the last George Washington. He is the last one who would fight for the Constitution. He is the last one who would swear on the Bible that he will “uphold and protect the Constitution” and actually care about holding true to his oath. Romney, Bachman, Cain, Pawlenty and especially Gingrich, have all basically sworn an oath to break their oath if elected. They have vowed to issue executive orders to end ‘Obamacare;’ legislation that was, somehow, passed through Congress. It is not the President’s job to legislate. The law is legitimate until and unless Congress passes a new superseding law or the Supreme Court deems the current law unconstitutional. That is just how it works. The Supreme Court should overturn the individual mandate next Spring, and this should (thankfully) no longer be a discussion during the debates. It is shocking to me how many people lurch towards candidates that care nothing for the basic values of freedom and popular sovereignty that the founders so carefully constructed for coming generations. Because Ron Paul agrees with George Washington that we need to “beware of foreign entanglements,” he is a “crank” with “no chance to win.” These are the words of Mrs. Dorothy Robinowitz from a few weeks back. I think she noticed that Paul is now leading almost every poll in Iowa. Now, she is saying that Paul’s views are too similar to Obama’s. As far as foreign policy and individual liberty are concerned, she is correct. As this is the case, Ron Paul is undoubtedly the only Republican candidate with any real chance to draw support from the liberal base of Obama. Certainly, some disillusioned liberal Democrats are watching in horror as their champion of peace is caught carpet-bombing random countries and assassinating whomever he pleases in or out of the country on a whim. These liberals understand that Obama will continue this reckless foreign policy and that Ron Paul will stop it. And he is the only one who will. Certainly, any candidate the Republicans select will garner an overwhelming majority of Republican votes, as the Republicans are disgusted with Obama’s domestic policy. So if Paul would draw almost one-hundred percent of Republican votes and would steal a sizeable chunk of liberal votes, unlike any of the other Republicans, why does Mrs. Robinowitz say “not many of Dr. Paul’s supporters, of course… actually imagine he can become president?” In my humble opinion, Dr. Paul is the only Republican candidate who can defeat Obama next November. But, Mrs. Robinowitz is correct in some regards. I do not think he can become President. Too many Republicans are still not seeing the bigger picture. The media is not giving Paul a fair shake. Dr. Paul was given only ninety seconds out of ninety minutes to speak in the recent CBS debate. Let me repeat that Paul is leading the polls in Iowa. He is third nationwide. One and one-half minute. That’s all he gets. The liberal media is scared of Paul because he is a threat to their base. The conservative media hates Paul because he threatens the military-industrial complex. Even so, Paul persists as a top-tier candidate. The coming weeks will be ugly. Political elites who lust for ever-more power will pour a mixture of vitriol and spite into any political flesh wounds Paul might suffer. He will not win the nomination. Mitt Romney has better hair. He will win. And Ron Paul will be the last George Washington.

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