Let's Pass a New Law!

“We have to fire the do-nothing Congress!” “It is up to the people to elect politicians who actually pass laws.” Many smug democratic politicians are harping this tune as of late. The President himself has repeatedly called the current Congress the ‘Do-nothing Congress.’

Just this morning, a democratic financier, Steve Rattner, giggled slightly when he hammered a nail in the coffins of the Republicans. “The current Congress has passed the fewest laws in twenty years!” he excitedly exclaimed. My first thought, as a bewildered Libertarian observer, was ‘why is it a good thing to be known for passing more laws?’

The way I see it, the entire grassroots movement against big-government is a very basic reason that pollsters and politicians should stay away from lauding those who bog the populace down with even more legislation designed to regulate their daily lives.

This is the heart of the Tea Party message. The elephant that is the federal government is growing bigger every day. The passage of every new law is a steroid shot, and generally, when it walks back to D.C., Mr. Everyman is buried in its excrement.

North Carolina is now going to have its Constitution amended with a provision that will limit individual freedom, for example. How ironic this must be to those who study American history… As we know, the first ten federal amendments were promised to those founders who refused to pass the Constitution unless it guaranteed certain individual liberties ad infinitum. Historically, amendments have guaranteed personal freedoms. Now our state has passed an amendment that will guarantee the suppression of a personal freedom.

Patience and prudence were not exactly exercised when crafting or encouraging this amendment. If we were not rushing to pass legislation, perhaps we would have done things differently. As it is, our state did rush to pass new legislation. And now, as a friend of mine noted, we are free to marry our own cousins, provided that they are heterosexual. So, Mr. Rattner, I am actually quite thankful that the federal government seems dubiously unable to pass new legislation at present.

When the Republicans, who are saturated with uber-conservative voices as of late, decide to vote on a bill in the House, that bill generally serves to repeal previous legislation. Their goal is to pass a few brief laws that cancel out many other laws. Of course, any bills that come out of the House are quickly trashed in the democratic Senate and they are all forced to start from scratch.

Obviously, new laws will not get passed without leadership. Both parties are entrenched and each party has a substantial majority in one of two chambers of Congress. But again, plenty of folks see this as a chance for the country to take a much-needed breath of fresh air. Thank God they aren’t passing any more laws.


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