Mr. President – Clean up your Mess

The United States is enmeshed in a quagmire of heinous abuses of power. The level of tyranny is so extraordinary that even lifelong progressives are beginning to speak out.

Benghazi eyewitnesses testified that they were ordered not to talk to investigators about the terrorist attack. Obama sent lawyers to make sure of it. The men were shaking and crying in the Congressional hearing; stating that there was an unprecedented stand-down ordered during the attack. The F.E.S.T. Special Forces team that was created specifically for those types of responses was ordered not to respond.

We know that two drones sent live, high-definition video feeds of the terrorist attack to the White House and the State Department. And then Obama, Clinton, and Rice lied about the attack for weeks. They said it was a YouTube video. It was America’s fault. The only person in jail is the guy who made the stupid, sophomoric video which – by the way – was on YouTube months before the Benghazi attacks. The IRS busted the video director for tax fraud.

Now the IRS has admitted that they targeted conservative groups during the last election cycle. Any evil groups who “taught the Constitution,” or had key words like “Tea Party,” “deficit,” or “making America a better place” in their title were audited. Liberal groups were given a pass. Using the IRS as a political weapon was one of the articles of impeachment for Richard Nixon. Now that Obamacare is law; the IRS criminals are in charge of your healthcare. Congratulations.

There’s more. Perhaps the single most prominent news organization, the Associated Press, issued a statement claiming that the federal government has engaged in a two-month wiretapping program against their news organization. This includes all of their individual reporters. Even their private lines. This is the same Obama/Holder DOJ who crucified police officers for detaining Skip Gates but dropped all charges on the Black Panthers who were on tape intimidating voters in Philadelphia. Now they are monitoring and collecting wiretapped conversations of news reporters. This shocking betrayal of first amendment rights could result in scared sources failing to blow the whistle on further government abuses.

The level of authoritarianism has reached a fever pitch. Prominent democrats are beginning to speak out. The Benghazi stand-down and cover-up is far from over, as Congressional democrats like Elijah Cummings are calling for further hearings.

All it takes for tyranny to thrive is for good people to do nothing – to hide when they see it. Jefferson once said “when the people fear government there is tyranny.” A poll released in early May shows that forty-eight percent of the people fear the U.S. federal government. That’s the highest number. We fear our own government more than terrorism, natural catastrophes, nuclear winter, etc. But there is still hope.

President Obama has repeatedly vowed to lead the “most transparent administration in history.” If he is a real leader who cares about the people, freedom, and equality, then he needs to step up very quickly. People from the State Department should be fired over Benghazi. People from the IRS should be fired over their Nixonian assault on the press. People from the DOJ should be fired over AP-Gate.

Though President Obama has promised to get to the bottom of Benghazi, not one person has been held accountable for attacking our outpost and murdering four Americans. We have HD footage of the attack and intelligence officers on the ground. We’ve had almost nine months to bring them to justice. Mr. President – find them. If you didn’t order Susan Rice to lie, then figure out who did and fire him. If you didn’t prompt the IRS to engage in despotic authoritarianism, then fire Doug Shulman. If you didn’t ask Eric Holder to monitor AP communications; fire him. If you fail to clean up your mess, you will be remembered for leading one of the least transparent administrations in American history. Stop blaming Republicans. Take responsibility. Clean it up – and fast.

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