A Call to Arms for Journalists

A relative of mine recently asked me if I was a conspiracy theorist. I must admit, I am afraid. Her question is symptomatic of a culture of acceptance perpetuated by a mass media driven by profit, not truth. I want to write about the death of Michael Hastings, because there has been virtually no mention of it in any mainstream media.

Michael Hastings destroyed the #1 commander in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, in 2010. He is the Rolling Stone journalist who recently announced on “The Young Turks” TV show that “The Obama administration has clearly declared war on the press.” He discussed the fact that our government has named Ed Snowden a tyrant for revealing illegal government activity and that some talking heads like David Gregory are musing about charging Glenn Grenwald with treason for simply reporting his information. Hastings’ article “Why Democrats Love to Spy on Journalists” was published on June 7.

Hastings argued that “the only recourse for this kind of behavior by the government is to say back to the government we declare war on you,” continuing by describing a culture of journalists groveling to the power structure and writing only what they’re told they can write. He announced a turning of the page, an overt call to arms directed at his fellow journalists less than one month before his untimely death on June 18.

What, precisely, would constitute his first shot in this war on government? His close friend, Sgt. Joe Biggs, said Hastings was working on “his biggest story yet.” It was a story on the CIA. It was a smoking gun. Hastings sent a “very panicked” email to Biggs the same day he died. Biggs made the email public because “his other friends were too scared to do it.” In the email, Hastings actually states “I’m onto a big story,” and continues by lamenting “I need to go off the rada[r] for a bit.” Then - BOOM!!! His “brand new Mercedes” explodes. He died thirteen hours after sending the panicked email.

Any serious journalist would immediately question the official story. But no. There has been virtually no mention of his death in mainstream news. It’s been buried. The LAPD announced there was “no foul play” on the same day as the crash. They say Hastings was speeding and slammed into a tree. Case closed. This despite the fact that eyewitness Jose Rubalcava said “there were plenty [of sparks] from the beginning, way before he crossed the light” then he “fish-tailed” and went “into the palm tree.”

Resident Rochelle Frankel was awakened by the explosion and said “it sounded like a bomb went off… My house shook, the windows were rattling.” Another witness, Gary Grossman, said “the engine fl[ew] 60 yards from the car,” a fact detailed by the police who admit the engine was flung out of the front of the car even though the car “fish-tailed” before making impact.

The official narrative also stands as indisputable truth despite friends and family saying Hastings “drives like a grandma,” according to Biggs. Hastings “had a lot of friends and family that cared for him; he had a good life to live, there’s no way he would be acting erratic like that and driving out of control,” Biggs stated. Could someone else have been driving the car?

Former counterterrorism official Richard Clarke has given credence to such suggestions by saying “It is possible for intelligence agencies to seize control of a car remotely;” especially higher end models like the Mercedes C250 in question. Clarke openly told the Huffington Post that the crash was “consistent with a car cyber attack.” Thankfully, while mainstream journalists are avoiding this story, underground news sources are getting quotes and information on the record before witnesses disappear.

In a side-story, it has now become public record that Andrew Breitbart’s coroner died of “arsenic poisoning” just two days after his initial autopsy report was released. Breitbart was the conservative journalist who swore he had smoking gun “videos of Obama’s college days” that would ruin the incumbent President’s chance of reclaiming his seat. In February 2012, Breitbart said the first video would be released April 1. He fell down dead in the street on the night of March 30. News reports began announcing he died of natural causes within 45 minutes. The coroner was poisoned to death and the story didn’t even make print. So where do we go from here?

Michael Hastings’ wife Elise has vowed to “take down whoever did this.” Sadly, most journalists seem too afraid to stand with her. As aforementioned, I am also afraid. I am afraid of their fear. I am afraid of resulting public ignorance. I hope I’m wrong. I hope journalists will stand up.

If I’m a conspiracy theorist for questioning the government at a time like this, then I’m damn proud of it. Keep groveling to the White House, NSA, IRS, CIA. Meanwhile, I will join forces with Hastings and echo his call to arms. Journalists – be brave. The people are supposed to rule in a free country. An uniformed populace is doomed to slavery. Please remember that the pen is mightier than the sword. Pick up your pen and free us.


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