Giant 7.6 earthquake rocks leaking wells at Fukushima nuclear plant.

Originally reported as a 6.8 magnitude earthquake 230 miles off the east coast of Japan, a dangerous tectonic disturbance rocked a nuclear plant already on the brink of total meltdown. The plant is set to be pummeled by a new tsunami as the now reportedly 7.6 magnitude quake sends waves towards the shore.

Workers have been evacuated in anticipation of a new round of dangerous nuclear leaks as a result of this natural catastrophe. It seems that Japan is on the verge of implosion. Their currency is collapsing and their people are dying en masse as radiation saturates the surrounding atmosphere.

Experts claim this could be one of the most dangerous natural calamities in world history but the mainstream media has ignored the threat.

The Japanese have spent hundreds of millions in the vain effort to protect the reactor from further meltdown, but so far the efforts have been unsuccessful. Earlier this week, reports of a new well leak resulting in radiation 6,500 + times normal levels emerged. Will this new earthquake cripple efforts to quell the leak? Will the media cover this horrible calamity?

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