Framework for Gun Confiscation

Prominent liberals like Senator Dianne Feinstein often claim they don’t really want to ban guns. They believe in the second amendment. But that’s only when it’s convenient. In rare moments of honesty, though, they sometimes reveal their true intentions. Mrs. Feinstein accidentally told the truth in an incredibly rare moment of candor when she said she would have had “an outright ban” passed and told the American lay folks; “Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in!”

Obama almost never gets caught telling a hard truth. He dances around the truth like a gaudy matador, luring the charging public towards one bright red goal-post before redirecting their attention to some new end. But he was caught revealing his true feelings for rural voters in the 2007 campaign when he told a group of PA citizens that “they get bitter and they cling to guns or religion or antipathy towards people who aren’t like them."

I suppose our President was trying to say that the people don’t actually believe in the right to own guns. They don’t have some sort of inherent appreciation for the freedom to practice the religion they choose. They are simply rural folks who harbor “antipathy towards people who aren’t like them.” Those fancy words mean the people are racists. And racists want to own guns and worship the Lord. I guess Obama thinks the concepts are linked.

In those amazing moments when a cameraman actually spots the mythical creature known as a truthful politician, we catch a glimpse of their real intentions. It was made clear from Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher’s discussion with the President that Obama really does think it is a good idea to "spread the wealth around."

Likewise, we know very clearly that Obama, Feinstein, and many other politicians are certainly no fans of the second amendment. What ruler would be? For those who lust for growing power, an armed populace is a tiresome burden. Hitler had to burn the Reichstag to the ground and parade a drunken, mentally disabled Pol around as the culprit in order to declare himself fuhrer and disarm the populace.

I have been criticized for being a fear-monger. There are those who would trust their dear leader and his team no matter what the evidence shows. Republicans would not excoriate their great Saint Mitt Romney were he running the country in the same way as Obama. But that’s American football politics for you.

My job is to dig past that veneer and pull raw truth out of a putrid quagmire of tyranny. When I mention facts like the Department of Homeland Security bought over one and one half billion bullets in 2012 alone for use on American soil and they are training to confiscate firearms, I am not flailing in a desperate bid to prove a point. I am simply relaying what I have found to be the case. Our own government is continuously conducting training exercises and preparing the hierarchy for a martial law scenario that would afford them the opportunity to disarm American civilians.

In such a situation, who will come for the guns? The answer is there for public consumption. We just need to be hungry enough to find it. DHS and FEMA, with help from ATF (who have dramatically stepped up efforts to pull “roid-heads” from local police agencies in the past year) are the agencies that will physically confiscate the guns. Lieutenant McCoy of North Carolina was on Pastor Butch Paugh’s radio show discussing the programs that are actively unfolding.

“Local law enforcement is training alongside the military with drones and choppers,” he says. The plan, he continues, is for “total, all-out gun confiscation.” So how did it come to this? As is always the case on the road to tyranny, the federal government has been funneling money into local agencies to make them dependent on those funds. To keep the cash flowing, higher-ups are being told “they have to do what they say.”

Lieutenant McCoy is not the only officer to go public; not by any stretch. World-renowned philanthropist Dr. James Garrow recently stated that a top general in the U.S. military was demoted for failing “the new litmus test.” The only ones who make it into the extreme upper echelon of the Armed Forces are those that answer “Yes” to the question “Are you prepared to fire on American citizens who refuse to turn in their guns.”

A leaked video of a briefing in which militarized police (MPs) in Arizona emerged after a disgruntled officer used a hidden cell phone to record his army commander. The seated MPs were being trained on future operations to be conducted with DHS and FEMA. The commander can be heard explaining that the Army MPs were now under the command of FEMA, who would be responsible for disarming Americans in the event of martial law.

In this type of scenario, the commander says, “all your second amendment, all your rights, your first amendment rights, pretty much everything is just interrupted.” The whistleblower then asks the commander if this means firearms would be confiscated from individual citizens. “Yeah, that’s what they do,” he quickly responds. The whistleblower later laments the planned gun confiscation programs, after which he receives a sarcastic, derisive comment from the commander who mockingly says “are you going to cling to your rifle so they can take it from your cold dead hands?”

The preparation for mass-disarmament of the American public is clearly well underway. We have already seen the execution of such a program under select martial law implementations after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the “Boston Bombing” in April of 2013. After Katrina, FEMA kicked down doors and disarmed every citizen in the city of New Orleans. The Chief of the NOPD famously stated in a press conference that “No one will be able to be armed. We will take all the weapons.” They did.

Old ladies like Patty Koni were slammed into walls and disarmed by the understandably shaken officers who were ordered to take every legal and lawful weapon, despite each citizen’s God-given right to bear arms, which our founders saw fit to protect with an unbendable promise in the Bill of Rights. The founders made sure every public servant swore to defend and uphold that document first and foremost. And yet the same FEMA goons who made the pledge to uphold and defend the Constitution which clearly states “the right to bear arms shall not be infringed” assaulted thousands of innocent civilians in New Orleans while the local police looted stores and fled to surrounding states.

Patty Koni was actually punched in the face, tackled, and dragged out of her own home. That exchange was caught on film, but countless other assaults on individual freedom were never documented. Who knows how many citizens were simply killed and thrown into the swamps with the rest of the victims of the storm?

Nearly a decade later, repentant officers who engaged in such terrorism of the American people have come forward and apologized in various interviews and books. These contrite remarks that fly in the face of tyranny prove that the American spirit is still alive, if only barely. It will be interesting to see if such contrition is displayed by the officers who pointed guns directly at hundreds of innocent civilians in Boston this April after a single, unarmed, 19-year-old suspect eluded authorities for a brief time.

Amazingly, Congressmen lied about the occurrence of this martial law lockdown despite the fact that dozens of Boston residents filmed and released raw footage of the operation. Several Congressmen bemused reports of martial law and made the clearly false statements that no one had guns pointed at them, despite reports of total gun confiscation and raw footage of men in tanks, pointing guns at any and all citizens in their paths. The irony is that the government lockdown in Boston was only successful at delaying the capture of the suspect. It was a private citizen who broke the martial law order to smoke a cigarette who actually stumbled upon the unarmed, wounded teenager who happened to be hiding in his boat, crouching beneath a cover, waiting for his impending doom.

The point is that there have already been massive martial law operations that prove an implementation of a larger gun confiscation during a nationwide emergency is possible. But these real-world examples of proof are far from the only evidence of such inevitabilities.

The executive branch of the United States federal government has openly been preparing for armed insurrections. They already have facilities in place that can house a sudden surplus of hundreds of thousands of ‘criminals.’ The new “litmus test” for military officers is reportedly whether they are willing to fire on American citizens who refuse to turn in their guns. President Obama has signed twenty-three executive orders regulating gun ownership. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has stated publicly that the military needs no Congressional authority to precipitate military action anywhere in the world – they will do so with a UN mandate that overrides American sovereignty. Let be me more specific.

The facilities are in place. Jimmy Carter began the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Clinton elevated its status. Bush demoted it. Why? It is bogged down with BILLIONS of dollars of unrestricted funds that are used for classified operations. Their annual budget for disaster relief is 0.243 billion and their budget for “black ops” is 2.9 billion. The Readiness Act of 1984, more commonly known as REX 84, is the codename given to the plan that FEMA has for a “state of domestic national emergency.” This is a directive that has funded giant, unoccupied prisons that can serve as detention centers in the event that citizens are deemed security threats. FDR incarcerated tens of thousands of innocent civilians simply because they appeared to be Asian. Would you really be shocked if a president incarcerated gun owners he deemed terrorists?

It is true that most armed forces would revolt from any mandate to confiscate guns. They would leave their posts or perhaps even organize an armed rebellion. This is why Obama is personally asking prospective generals if they are prepared to fire on American citizens who refuse to turn in their guns. World renowned philanthropist and Nobel Prize nominee Dr. James Garrow recently reported that this requisite is the most important qualification for earning stripes. It is the “new litmus test.” Those who say “no” are demoted or fired. Officers are anonymously discussing the fact that they have been engaged in gun confiscation drills. The Explorers program is preparing youth to “combat terrorism” by simulating armed insurrections and forcing kids to shoot “threats” with air pellets.

Obama has publicly stated that he is building “a civilian national defense force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded as our military,” because “we cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve our national security objectives.” FEMA and Homeland Security forces are being trained to confiscate guns. They won’t need Congressional approval or any sort of public support. The highest military official besides the President – just last year – said that the he needed only a United Nations’ mandate to institute any military initiative anywhere in the world.

The Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, was asked if he would need Congressional approval to engage in future military actions. He replied “our goal would be to seek international permission and we would come to the Congress and inform you and determine how best to approach this – whether or not to we would want to get permission from the Congress.” When asked to clarify this shockingly unconstitutional plan for action, he claimed “if we’re working with NATO, we would want to have appropriate permission to… a legal basis to act… some kind of UN security resolution.”

I wish that people would ignore their presumed political alignment long enough to recognize the real threat that presents itself. The greatest threat to our country is a loss of sovereignty. Once we decide that the executive branch is supreme – that the President is free to make any laws he sees fit through executive fiat then mock the Supreme Court publicly and claim that the only governing body with any real authority is the United Nations – then we are no longer a sovereign nation.

Oligarchical elites are perennially meeting in global summits. They debate how best to go about disarming the United States. These are the types of groups that persuaded our federal government to walk guns to Mexico and Libya then blame the second amendment. As long as the American public stays informed and aware, the global elites will fail.

We must recognize the real propaganda; the Alinsky tactics that media outlets use to propagate fear of the abstract. I am afraid of much – but only when I know through fact or experience that a negative outcome is being specifically engineered. Tyranny is at the top of the list. Our leaders are lusting for exponentially growing power at the expense of individual freedom. I know this based upon the facts I’ve listed and so many more, coupled with the experience that history has informed.

Based on hundreds of hours of research and eye-witness reporting from those inside the military industrial complex like Dr. Garrow and Lieutenant McCoy of North Carolina, I personally believe that criminal elements will seize the opportunity of a deemed crisis to try to grab control and eradicate individual rights. Remember the video of the petite septuagenarian grandmother who was violently shoved into a wall inside her own home after Katrina? FEMA used that crisis for real-world gun confiscation drills. Look up McCoy’s interview. Read the “Internment and Resettlement Operations” manual and the “Northwoods” documents. They are public. There will have to be a crisis for DHS and FEMA to take over and forfeit sovereignty to the UN. This crisis could be the first inflationary depression in the history of the world, which the Federal Reserve is engineering as we speak. It could be a new attack on American soil. Any calamity will do.

We now have drones flying overhead and DHS buying over a billion bullets and 2,700 heavy tanks in the past year for use inside America. Meanwhile, average citizens cannot buy ammo. Robert Gibbs is on film laughing with MSNBC panelists as he merrily recalls Obama’s order “not even to acknowledge the drone program” in what is the self-proclaimed “most transparent administration in history.” All I ask is that people look at the facts and prepare for all eventualities. It is our duty to be prepared. Perhaps the countless internal whistleblowers who scream that the collapse and takeover are coming in short order are all wrong. Public knowledge might delay the process. Still, wouldn’t you rather be ready twenty years too early than one day too late?

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