Obama Lies about NSA Spy Program

On Friday, President Obama presented the American people with a steadfast assurance that new limits would be placed on the NSA in a speech long enough and boring enough to lull his already apathetic audience to sleep.

The president's words were saturated with absurd lies and analogies laughable to any thinking American. He claimed the NSA wasn't actually spying on Americans, or even foreign leaders of allied countries! This despite myriad mainstream news articles detailing the fact that the NSA has spied on many allies.

"Hundreds of millions of persons in Europe and Latin America" were spied on, including Angela Merkel of Germany. We had to apologize to her and other foreign leaders because it became public knowledge that our NSA was spying on them.

I suppose it is a plus that Obama was not under oath like our Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, who perjured himself by responding "no sir" to the question "does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of Americans?" In the past, our public would not have allowed this criminal act to go unpunished. Today, however, our public is so paralyzed by apathy that our power-brokers can get away with blatant crimes on live television. Clapper didn't get in trouble. He didn't even lose his job.

Obama's lies are also incredibly obvious, but at least he wasn't under oath during his absurd speech on Friday. Would Paul Revere really have been an NSA fan? Will the American public go back to sleep under Obama's spell?


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