Senate Probes D'Souza Arrest

Graham Helsabeck

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Four Senators sent FBI director James Comey a letter demanding answers about the indictment of filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza in January. D’Souza produced and directed the wildly successful documentary film “2016: Obama’s America,” a film closely aligned with the book he penned earlier, entitled “The Roots of Obama’s Rage.”

The film grossed over $33 million, placing it in the top five all time for documentaries. It is the #2 highest grossing political documentary in history, trailing only Michael Moore’s film “Fahrenheit 9/11.” Moore’s film was a negative exposé detailing the numerous power grabs that the Bush Administration made after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

It would be interesting to hear Mr. Moore’s take on the indictment of D’Souza for allegedly committing campaign finance fraud by bundling $5,000 from three acquaintances in a local election to donate a total of $20,000 for a childhood friend. I am no fan of President Bush. I agree with many of the assertions Michael Moore made in his film, but I cannot imagine President Bush allowing his Justice Department to target and investigate Moore. Can you picture the media’s response?

Unfortunately, the chilling effect for journalists under President Obama is such that the simple mention of this scandal by Senator Ted Cruz on Bob Schieffer’s CBS program “Face the Nation” was edited out after a visibly shaken Schieffer stopped the interview. Fortunately, the unedited version was aired online and uploaded to YouTube before CBS could destroy the footage.

If Michael Moore actually believes in freedom of speech and protection of personal liberties, he should be publicly decrying the draconian censorship of the press. Our federal government has recently promoted a program to place FCC officials in newsrooms to provide guidance on which stories should be run and how they should look. Democrats would have, of course, been outraged if this type of flagrant censorship was happening under the Bush Administration.

Hopefully the Senate probe into D’Souza’s indictment will reveal the true events that precipitated his castigation. D’Souza still plans to release his next documentary film “America” on July 4th. The film reportedly offers an in-depth look at the left-right paradigm and the party shift that happened in the 1960’s when Republicans like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Senator Everett Dirksen pushed forward with the Civil Rights Act even as eighteen Ku Klux Klan supporting Democrats, led by former high-ranking Klan leader Robert Byrd, filibustered and stonewalled every effort to support reforms that would promote equality for African Americans.

Lyndon Johnson decided that being the anti-black party was no longer politically expedient and that he would co-opt the Republican-led Civil Rights Movement. There are numerous disgustingly racist quotes from LBJ that revealed his true intentions. Most famously, he said that as a result of absorbing the Republican Civil Rights Movement, “I’ll have those n--gers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”

Obama and the modern Democrats certainly would not want this hidden narrative emerging before what is already expected to be a contentious 2014 election cycle. But it would be utterly devastating if a man of color, and a man who produced, wrote, and directed one of the most commercially popular documentaries of all time, was responsible for unleashing the truth to a modern society with political amnesia.

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