Medical Marijuana Wafts into the Southeast

Graham Helsabeck

Heresy Herald

No southeastern states have legalized medical marijuana yet. This despite the fact that marijuana was legal nationwide at the beginning of our country, when founding fathers like George Washington farmed his own marijuana and wrote about various techniques in his papers. He and Thomas Jefferson frequently traded seeds and worked on perfecting the use of the naturally occurring plant as a pain remedy, especially for their commonly occurring toothaches.

It amazes me that Republicans purportedly support the founding fathers and their spirit of freedom, and revile the socialist wing of the Democrat party, yet they seemingly stall the medical marijuana movement. These same “conservatives” actually support the early 20th century socialist movement to make drugs illegal so that big pharma could take over the production of medicines and rig prices for bigger profits.

Thankfully, the medical marijuana movement is slowly wafting into the southeast. Senator Ophelia Ford (D) of Tennessee recently co-sponsored a bill to move forward with the re-introduction of legal marijuana in Tennessee. A scientific poll out of the University of Texas was also released this morning which revealed that 77% of Texans support legalization of medical marijuana. The poll revealed that a full 49% of Texans support total legalization of recreational marijuana.

I am glad to see that supposedly pro-freedom Republicans are starting to join in the movement to keep our giant, overbearing government from banning the existence of a naturally-growing plant. As most Republicans claim to be Christian, they must also be of the belief that God made the decision to provide this plant in our biosphere. Would God be OK with elite power structures outlawing the existence of His plant?

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