Man Conned out of Hundreds on Obamacare Scam

Graham Helsabeck

Heresy Herald

Utah resident Scott Jensen purchased a dental plan for he and his two sons on in an effort to save money with Obamacare. He paid the premium for three months, but when he sent his sons to make use of the plan, he was told his policy was useless.

It was a pediatric policy. Obamacare allowed him to purchase three children's policies, even though he was asked to enter their personal information, including dates of birth. Furthermore, the webpage "didn't say pediatric anywhere on the confirmation of the dental coverage for which Scott signed up."

When Mr. Jensen called Selecthealth to ask why the policy was worthless, he was told they didn't have access to the particulars and he would have to cancel through the marketplace. When he called the marketplace, the Obamacare navigators told him "We can't help you resolve this issue," you will have to cancel through Selecthealth.

Mr. Jensen turned to the local news, and informed them of his situation. "I'm paying a monthly premium for coverage I can't use," he lamented.

When confronted by the media, Selecthealth confirmed that the only way to cancel the policy was through the marketplace. The CBS investigative reporter then called the Obamacare navigators, who finally allowed Mr. Jensen to cancel the worthless policy. He was not refunded the money he was conned out of.

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