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According to the FBI, you probably are!

This joint watch list created by the Bureau of Justice Assistance and the Federal Bureau Investigation, entitled "Communities Against Terrorism" describes "Potential Indicators of Terrorist Activities."

This official government flyer was distributed to businesses across the country in 2012. It is one of twenty-five such flyers that warn salespeople to sniff out terrorists based on the actions and appearances of their patrons. Each flyer is designed to be submitted to a certain type of business.

According to the pictured flyer, your customer might be a terrorist if he:

*"Demands identity privacy"

*"Insists on paying cash"

*Returns after "shaving beard, changing hair color, [or] style of dress"

*Has "stains on clothing"

*Espouses a "radical theology"

*Purchases items like ammunition, matches, MREs, or flashlights

---All 25 of the documents were quickly leaked by business owners which then forced the government to publicly release the files to the Internet. They can all be downloaded safely into a single zip folder quickly and easily right here.

And of course, per Big Sis herself, you are advised to report evil terrorist cash-payers to the Department of Homeland Security in Public Service Announcements like this one.

I thought the new security bureaucracies were built to deter Al Qaeda...

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