Albuquerque Man Shot Dead for Illegal Camping

Graham Helsabeck

Heresy Herald

On March 6th, a helmet-mounted camera captured the death of James Boyd. Boyd was confronted by five police officers and a K-9 unit for camping some nine miles away from the city of Albuquerque, NM.

According to the police report, Boyd was arguing with the officers for three hours before the incident seen in the video occurred. It appears, however, that Boyd was attempting to cooperate with officers.

As they shout at the illegal camper, "Get on the ground now!" Boyd very slowly turns away from the officers and begins to bend at the waist. The officers took this as a directly threatening motion, because they immediately shot the man with three rounds.

The officer who mortally wounded Boyd with live rounds was Keith Sandy, who was fired from the State Police last year under threat of criminal indictment for fraud. The local police hired him and made the charges go away. Sandy shot Boyd with two live rounds for illegally camping. Officer Dominic Perez also shot Boyd once.

As he lay motionless on the ground, Boyd can be heard saying "I can't move" and "Please don't hurt me!"

The police, however, proceeded to shoot the motionless Boyd three more times with bean bag rounds.

Police chief Gordon Eden is supporting his officers by claiming the shooting was justified. "There was a directed threat at an officer," he claimed.

The argument is that because Boyd was holding a camping knife in each hand after he collected his belongings to leave the area, he was armed. He was holding the knives when he was shot to death by officers.

James Boyd was 38 years old.

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