Democratic Rep: Obamacare "Going to Hit the Fan!"

Democratic House member Stephen Lynch from Massachussetts says of Obamacare: "It's going to hit the fan!"

Watch this short video clip to see more about why Obama's own political party is turning on him now.

Hint: It has something to do with the fact that giant offshore banks wrote the abomination of a law that was designed to put competitors out of business so they could fix prices that the people are forced to pay in a monoploistic, fascist takeover of the healthcare system. This is not socialist healthcare. That would be much more desirable and altruistic than the digusting, evil, horrible law Obama forced through with zero Republican votes on Christmas Eve.

At least with a socialist model, the people would be given a product that was paid for by the distribution of tax funds. This is a fascist overhaul by the dictator Obama to reward his political allies.

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