Was Rodger on Suicide/Mass-Murder Pills?

As HeresyHerald.com and myriad independent news organizations have outlined and detailed over the years, almost all of the mass shootings in this country in the last thirty years have been orchestrated and perpetrated by shooters who were prescribed psychotropic medications or serotonin re-intake inhibitors.

Radaronline is now reporting that Elliot Rodger, who stabbed three men to death and shot three women to death yesterday, was also prescribed psychotropic medications. These drugs are known to induce paranoia, hostility, and thoughts of suicide and/or homicide. The warnings are on the labels.

The report from radaronline cites only anonymous sources who claim that Rodger was refusing to take his prescribed medicines. As more details emerge, we will report them. This is an angle of the story you will almost certainly not hear on mainstream news outlets, who typically hide this basic trend and instead attack the second amendment. It is sexier to be afraid of gun violence than it is to be afraid of pills, but it is also far less practical.

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