Reporters Beaten and Stomped by Police at 2014 Bilderberg Conference

Graham Helsabeck

Heresy Herald

A yet to be named reporter was flagrantly beaten and stomped by multiple police officers in Copenhagen, Denmark today. The reporter committed the heinous crime of filming police at the 2014 Bilderberg Conference. This type of security treatment is emblematic of the police presence at most Bilderberg conferences, and marks a predictable start to the 2014 conference which begins today.

It is rather difficult to see the specifics of the beating in the film captured by cameraman Josh Owens, because the police officers forcibly dragged the cameraman behind a translucent fence before violently assaulting him. Yet another cameraman parried to the side in order to film the incident, but his footage has not been released, and likely never will be. Though he was not in the restricted area, he was chased down and harassed by police in a separate incident.

The footage that is available shows the assault through a gap in the fence.

The translucent fence is just one of many measures to keep the public away from the members of the most elite steering committee in the world. The Bilderberg Group meets annually and consists of over one hundred of the world’s most elite leaders. U.S. presidents and governors are joined by UK prime ministers, global defense ministers, NATO leaders, IMF members, and high-ranking reporters from various press organizations worldwide, who have historically denied the existence of the group.

Bilderberg was formally created in the mid-1950’s by Nazi SS member, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. In the last six decades, Bilderberg has been responsible for planning various boom and bust cycles in national economies, creating media sentiments that were subsequently funneled into mainstream outlets, and organizing strategies to foster pro-war sentiment in populaces in order to initiate empirical takeovers of weaker countries.

“This is the world government. They are setting the global agenda. Inside right now, they are deciding on whether or not there will be a war with Iran. They’re deciding whether taxes will increase, whether oil prices will be suppressed or increased,” noted Jim Tucker during the 2008 conference.

Bilderberg is notorious for shutting all public coverage of their event down and physically assaulting any reporters who actually try to film their members or ask them questions. The primary method for acquiring information about the group’s discussions are gaining access to hotel staff who service the members and are disgusted by their behavior and subsequently reveal some of the conversations they overheard while waiting tables or serving drinks. Some noteworthy journalists who have covered the event for decades have also reportedly acquired sources from inside the meeting who leak information.

The late Jim Tucker was able to predict world events with incredible accuracy after speaking to high level sources, as was reporter Daniel Estulin. Estulin penned the worldwide best-selling book “Club Bilderberg.” In 2006, Estulin commented that the Bilderbergers agreed to destroy the U.S. housing market within the following two years as a way to bring the economy crashing down so that they could then buy up assets for pennies on the dollar.

“What they’re going to do over the next year or year and a half,” Estulin claimed “is bring the market back up to 1998 or 1999 levels, get all the suckers to invest what little money they have left over, and that’s when they’re going to make the bottom drop out. They’re going to destroy the economy.” It later came out that the giant banks, largely owned by the families who meet at the Bilderberg conferences, had been betting billions of dollars on the housing market to crash while encouraging families to continue to invest in real estate. And of course, the bottom did drop out in 2008, as the stock market saw a nearly 50% decline.

Because public policymakers in the United States are outlawed from meeting with lobbyists in private to brainstorm new laws and strategies by the Logan Act, most U.S. officials are paranoid about being caught attending the conference.

Even so, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were both confirmed to have attended the 2008 conference in Chantilly, Virginia. You might remember that Obama and Clinton were embroiled in a heated primary at the time and both of them had “mysteriously disappeared” for a few days during the middle of the primary. They were at Bilderberg. This year, General David Petraeus was filmed jogging near the conference. One little-known Governor from Arkansas was notoriously launched into the presidency after attending in 1991.

Bill Clinton was not very well known at the time, but he reportedly met with David Rockefeller at the conference. Rockefeller asked Clinton “If you were president, would you support NAFTA?”

Clinton, unaware of the proposed treaty, asked the elite money changer “Is NAFTA important to you, sir?”

“Yes it is,” replied Rockefeller.

“Then I certainly would support it,” said Clinton.

Rockefeller then extended his hand to shake Clinton’s and smiled “Thank you Mr. President.” The rest is history.

Rockefeller was also quoted as saying “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.” He and other members of the most elite families in the world who make up a majority of the private Federal Reserve who print U.S. currency and loan it to our citizens at interest are confirming that they want to control the entire world. Controlling U.S. policy by owning and manipulating our economy is not enough. They need to create a crisis that will compel the citizenry to demand global government. These elites have made these desires clear in this statement and countless others.

This year’s conference in Denmark is again marked by violence and hostility directed towards any who dare question the motives of elite world planners. If you haven’t heard of Bilderberg, ask yourself why.

If a conference of the top 150 athletes or the top 150 actors was happening, wouldn’t everyone be aware of the event and demand that the media cover the happenings inside the gates? These are the top 150 richest, most powerful world rulers. Up until five years ago, the mainstream media denied that the conference even existed.

At least now, Bilderberg members are admitting that their gathering has more power than any other group in the world. “Those sentences that really matter are being spoken out at Bilderberg. You learn an incredible amount [there]. In comparison, Davos is pure PR talk,” said an unnamed Bilderberg member who was probably the publisher of Die Zeit, Josef Joffe.

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