Obama Failures: A Tentative List

Obama's IRS auditing dissidents

Arresting conservative filmmakers

Head of agency destroying evidence and refusing to testify

EPA destroying evidence of corruption

Obama ordering EPA to test deadly poison on citizens

BLM chief – Harry Reid’s son – seizing private land for Chinese power plant

DACA Amnesty being ordered Common Core telling kids 2+2=5 Opening border to gang members and drug dealers

Tens of thousands of murderers and child rapists released from jail

Obama swearing he won’t sign authoritarian NDAA in sneak attack

Border Patrol giving taxpayer-paid bus vouchers to MS-13 members

TSA perverts groping children

Obama sending FCC agents to monitor news stories

VA mob bosses putting veterans on death lists to pad their wallets Obama openly negotiating with terrorists for Bergdahl

Obama sending drones to kill unarmed American citizens, including teen

Obama bowing to Saudi Arabian King Fast & Furious designed to destroy Mexico and blame 2nd amendment Obama blowing up SEAL Team 6 helicopter to cover up Bin Laden raid hoax Global warming fraud designed to transfer your wealth to elites Obamacare: keep your doctor, keep your plan, you'll save money! Forcing businesses to violate their religious beliefs Violating the rights and sanctity of our Churches Obamacare website cronyism, 600 million to build NSA acting as Obama Gestapo, spying on those who speak out

Obama’s NSA chief Clapper lying under oath

17 Trillion 600 billion in debt

US Total Debt 61 trillion 500 billion

Lies about Benghazi stand-down

Obama orders nukes shipped covertly with no paperwork

Obama funding Al Qaida and ISIS

Obama gives 500 million to Solyndra and 100 million to Ecotality

I noticed several variations on this list on a few blogs and Facebook posts. I felt compelled to add to it and include links. It goes on and on...

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