Ebola Pandemic One Glove-Tear Away

Graham Helsabeck

Heresy Herald

Thanks to a whistleblower who works for Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), we now know what many have publicly feared for months.

Brandon Darby from Breitbart.com has an important scoop here, but the headline is not clear enough. It should read something like “Thousands from Ebola Countries Flood into the US.”

Ebola is a big deal. The current meme that Ebola is only passed through bodily fluids is somewhat misleading. There is growing evidence that Ebola can be transmitted through the air between species.

BBC reported that a team of Canadian scientists proved that infected pigs can transfer Ebola to non-human primates through airborne transmission. The studies are scant because infection leads one’s organs to melt and Ebola has one of the highest death rates of all diseases, but we do know for certain that transmission is most likely through contact with bodily fluids. The fluids last outside the body for some time, however, and a sneeze that lands on an airport kiosk, for example, could quickly infect hundreds. This would lead to an instant epidemic and total lockdown quarantine of the entire airport.

This is why news that a septuagenarian from Sierra Leone stumbled around one of the busiest airports on Earth yesterday and fell down dead of Ebola is exceptionally worrisome. The incident occurred in Gatwick Airport in London, England. We are dancing on the head of a pin, and the slightest stumble could impale humanity.

It is difficult to explain how serious an Ebola pandemic would be. We know the worst strains of the disease kill 9 of every 10 people infected. We know Ebola can possibly go airborne. We know that if Ebola does go airborne and global, billions of humans will die.

Malthusian academics have called for this exact scenario in recent years. Most infamously, Dr. Eric Pianka gave a keynote speech at the Texas Academy of Science in which he said that “the only feasible solution to saving the Earth is to reduce the population to 10 percent of the present number.” Pianka went on to say that someone should release an airborne strain of Ebola to get the job done.

Our own federal government spends $5 billion every year researching bioweapons under Project Bioshield, which was passed in the wake of the terrorist attacks when Congress would pass any law they were told to. The CDC maintains various levels of security classifications that are there to keep certain organisms in check.

The government is supposed to contain Ebola in a biosafety level 4 facility that is deep underground and has multiple redundancies. Experts describe the level 4 facilities as a “submarine inside a bank vault” with pressure sealed doors and suits.

Barack Obama brought Ebola into the country last week. He sent a victim named Dr. Kent Brantley to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. While there are only a handful of multi-billion dollar level 4 facilities in the country, there happens to be one in Atlanta, Georgia. This makes the decision to send him to a University where only part of a wing is sealed off even more curious.

Hospitals are notorious vectors for spreading major diseases. Sick people are at hospitals. Sick people have compromised immune-systems which make them more susceptible to acquiring new diseases.

There is no known precedent for a president to ship an Ebola patient into the US. We know that Obama added an amendment to Bush’s Executive Order 13295 which now allows federal authorities to detain individuals who merely show “signs and symptoms of… respiratory illness.” This means all-out medical martial law is one glove-tear away in the United States.

As Sheila Eldred said, “It sounds like the perfect script for a horror movie: A virus with no vaccine and no cure kills hundreds of people; despite containment efforts, it keeps spreading.” Meanwhile, we have Malthusian academics like Dr. Pianka publicly calling for its release for a mass-extermination event. He received a standing ovation from his colleagues at the university. Now we have the virus in our own country, and it’s with academics at a university hospital. And oh by the way, dozens of migrants from Ebola countries have been caught crossing our southern border. What could go wrong?

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