Timeline of Radical Sunni Groups in the Middle East

April 1978: April Revolution, Democratic Republic of Afghanistan is established

Early 1979: Pro-US Iranian monarchy dissolved, Ba’athists overtake Syria, Yemen…

Wealthy Saudi college student Osama Bin Laden organizes and funds disparate Afghan groups

December 1979: USSR invades Afghanistan

January 1980: Carter issues Presidential Directive NSC-63 to aid Afghanis

Osama Bin Laden begins working with the CIA to organize, train, and fund Islamic freedom fighters,

Osama Bin Laden is given CIA codename Tim Osman

January 1981: Reagan names disparate factions of Anti-Soviet rebels “Mujahedeen” (Eng. “people doing jihad”)

January 1983: Reagan issues National Security Directive 75 to aid Mujahedeen

1980-1988: The CIA engaged in a multi-billion dollar program to train and arm Mujahedeen with high-tech US weaponry, including Stinger missiles designed to bring down helicopters, (the film “Charley Wilson’s War” is specifically about this CIA program which was funded by legislators like Wilson)

1988: USSR withdraws from Afghanistan, Osama Bin Laden organizes the same disparate factions of Sunni groups on a broader, regional scale and calls the newly formed group Al-Qaeda (Eng. “The Base”)

1990-1991: USA invades Iraq under orders of George HW Bush, with the stated mission of protecting the Kurds from northern Iraq’s violent encroachment into their territory

1992: Osama Bin Laden is exiled from Saudi Arabia, sets up Al-Qaeda “base” in Sudan, Africa

1996: Osama Bin Laden moves Al-Qaeda “base” to Afghanistan

1998-2002: Al-Qaeda takes responsibility for numerous bombings and suicide attacks on American interests in various countries, worldwide

2001: USA and a “Coalition of the Willing” invade Afghanistan to fight the Taliban, the name of the government who was funded, organized, and infiltrated by Al-Qaeda. The Taliban were notorious for hording UN food shipments and burning farmland to starve undesirable people out of areas.

2003: USA, under the orders of George W Bush, with a smaller coalition of allies, invades Iraq again, this time with the stated mission of preventing their vast arsenal of weapons of mass destruction from proliferating into the region

2006: Al-Qaeda members join forces with disparate Islamic terrorist groups like the Mujahedeen and at least ten others, who all profess Sunni Islam and Sharia Law, and who have all, always, held a stated mission of establishing an Islamic caliphate… this newly founded conglomerate calls themselves, simply, “The Islamic State” (IS)

2013: Syria has seen 100,000 dead form a civil war, and the rebels admittedly released sarin gas on their own community in the hope that international forces would attack Assad so they could take power

2013: USA announces plans to invade, 92% of the public disapproves, Rand Paul says we shouldn’t serve as “Al-Qaeda’s air-force,” public sentiment shifts against American intervention as links between our own government and Al-Qaeda become more deeply exposed

Early 2014: Al-Qaeda announces that leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri has dissolved connections with IS, which they founded, because they did not agree with the group’s clash with Al-Nusra in Northern Syria

2014: No American media reports about Al-Qaeda anymore… much like the populace forgot who or what the Mujahedeen were (just another Sunni conglomerate) when we felt it was convenient to distribute the talking point that Al-Qaeda (just another Sunni conglomerate) was the new threat, within years it will be a popular belief that an entirely different organization called IS/ISIS/ISL (just another Sunni conglomerate) was responsible for the turmoil in the Middle East as some new and terrible threat that the United States must conquer if we wish to secure peace in the region

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