Obama Golfs While Rome Burns

Graham Helsabeck

Heresy Herald

President Obama reached yet another milestone recently. He went golfing for the 200th time. This is not a typo. 200 rounds. Two-hundred.

In his film “Fahrenheit 911,” Michael Moore lambasted and censured Bush for creating instability worldwide. The filmmaker showed video clips of Bush golfing to prove that the president was out of touch with the people who were now living in the dangerous world he had, in part, created.

I agree with Moore on many fronts. It is true that the Bush administration played a key role in undermining US credibility worldwide. It seems clear now that Iraq had little or no role in 9/11. Bush even admitted it, after the fact. The vast majority of the terrorists were Saudis, but Bush was friends with them – like, umm, personal friends… with the Bin Ladens… as in, Bush 41 ate breakfast with Shafig Bin Laden (Osama’s brother) on the morning of 9/11/2001, as commercial airliners crashed into the Twin Towers.

So who did Bush 43 attack? The Saudis? No. Their arch-enemies. Iraq did not acquire yellow cake from Niger. We knew that intel was wrong beforehand. The purported Italian documents used as evidence were obvious forgeries. But we used the lie as a pretext to invade the country we already planned to invade. By the way, Syria was always next on the list. This is a well-documented plan that was developed in late 2001.

That tangential diatribe is only used to demonstrate that I understand that Bush did horrible things. He signed the Patriot Act into law, which is perhaps one of the most unpatriotic pieces of legislation we’ve ever passed. He used rendition and waterboarding and domestic surveillance. But Michael Moore said George Bush was out of touch because he was roaming the green fairways of the local golf course every day.

George W. Bush played twenty-four rounds of golf during his eight-year tenure. Mark Knoller has chronicled and documented all twenty-four rounds. Bush quit playing golf during the fall of 2003. He said “it was not appropriate to be seen golfing while American troops fought in Afghanistan and Iraq.” He quit. He never played again.

In comes Obama. Barack Obama was elected largely because of his promises to stop the unconstitutional wars that we were covertly waging. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were approved by Congress, but the bombings and raids in Pakistan and Somalia were not. Obama said he’s stop all that. He said he’d shut down Guantanamo, stop invading sovereign countries, and bring the troops home.

I’d list other broken promises, but a list, by itself, would take too much space. No lobbyists, reduced debt, bipartisan efforts… My God, he said he wouldn’t pass bills behind closed doors; he’d give the American People forty-eight hours to read bills online before Congress voted on them. Then he had Congress pass ACA on Christmas Eve with amendments that were added an hour before the vote.

Now that he has sprinted down the same path that Bush blithely gallivanted, Obama’s press secretary says America is entering an unprecedented era of “tranquility of the global community.” The world is so tranquil that Obama continues to play golf. He plays nearly once a week, on average. Some weeks he plays five or six times.

Meanwhile, Rome is burning. The threat of Al Qaida, ISIS, IS, ISIL, Al Nusra, Khorasan, or whatever they are calling it this week, is composed of radicalized Sunni Wahhabists originating from Saudi Arabia. They are the ones who loathe the West. They are the ones who blew up the Trade Center. They are the ones attacking our soldiers in the Middle East. And now, they are the ones we are arming in Syria. While Obama plays golf.

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