Rangel: Republicans Want Slavery, Democrats Want God

Graham Helsabeck

Heresy Herald

In another insane example of delusional hypocrisy, Representative Charles Rangel "shouted" that Republicans "hate everything we believe in," and "believe that slavery isn't over."

Rangel's baffling comments fly in the face of history and common sense. Judge for yourself. Would Martin Luther King have voted for the only Senator in the Illinois State Senate to argue against the "Born Alive Infant Protection Act?"

Dr. Alveda King, MLK's niece, says her entire family has been Republican for generations and that her uncle would be disgusted at the policies and behavior of President Obama, and embarrassed that he was the first African American president of the country.

In a vehement plea to President Obama, Alveda begged Obama to "bring us back to God." Rangel would have you believe the Democrat Party already is doing God's work.

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