Did Russia Deploy a Tactical Nuke?

Graham Helsabeck

Heresy Herald

Russia Said They'd Use a Tactical Nuke in Eastern Ukraine

Missile Capable of Carrying 100-Megaton Nuke Found in Blast Crater

A massive explosion occurred in Eastern Ukraine on Monday night. The explosion happened near the DKZHI Chemical Plant, just over six miles west of Donetsk.

Last August, plant spokesman Pavel Brykov stated that Ukraine faced the potential for an ecological disaster with unpredictable repercussions, due to the continued shelling of the facility by pro-Kiev, Ukrainian forces. He noted that an explosion at the plant could release a deadly toxin called nitrochlorobenzene. Six months later, the plant was destroyed.

Videos of the plant’s demise have flooded the Internet, and have since trickled onto the mainstream airwaves. It has been quite difficult to piece together a true narrative of what exactly happened, because pundits and officials are casting blame in many directions.

What we do know is that the massive blast was felt over six miles from the epicenter. The explosion took place at 10:50 pm local time, several miles west of Donetsk, in Eastern Ukraine. This works out to 3:50 on Monday afternoon on the east coast of the US. The DKZHI Chemical Plant was destroyed. The plant was under the control of one rebel group, who call themselves the “Anti-Kiev People’s Front Konstantin Dolgov.” They used the plant to produce “chemical products used for industrial explosives, ammunition and equipment artillery bombs.”

Pro-Kiev Military Spokesman Andriy Lysenko called the explosion “an accident” that the rebels must have had due to their lack of organization. Of the People’s Front and the explosion at their plant, Lysenko said “Accidents often happen in factories where no one is responsible for fire safety. Well, it's chaos, and they are barbarians.” Simultaneously, at least two government officials working with Lysenko claimed responsibility for the shelling of DKZHI, such as Military Commander Dmitry Yarosh and Parliament member Boris Filatov.

Hostilities in the region have been incredibly heated in recent months, as Yarosh leads the same pro-Kiev forces who toppled Yanukovich’s government last year. Kiev has devastated the city of Donetsk. German intelligence places the casualties at 50,000 people, including 15,000 civilians thus far. Of the giant explosion at DKZHI Chemical Plant in Donetsk on Monday, Yarosh noted that “about 200 terrorists died,” referring to the men operating the plant and others near the airport.

Although the mainstream narrative says that this explosion was caused by a standard rocket, numerous experts have gone public saying that the explosion looks like the result of a tactical nuclear warhead. The speed of the explosion, the breadth of the shockwave, and the massive crater left behind all indicate the possibility that a small nuke was deployed in Donetsk.

“This could be a tactical nuclear weapon,” commented former Staff Sergeant Joe Biggs on the Alex Jones Radio Show today. Biggs noted that the speed of the vertical explosion looked faster than a conventional bomb. Jones noted that it could be a more primitive “A-bomb” that shoots “a plutonium bullet into a ball of uranium.” Both agreed that a fission reaction was evident, due to the rapid vertical climb of the explosion.

Russia certainly has the capacity to detonate such a device. Barry Watts, an analyst with the Center for Strategic Defense Assessments, recently discussed the growing prevalence of lower-yield nuclear weapons. He warned that Russia has “developed newer, relatively low-yield tactical nukes” and claimed that Putin is constantly war-gaming their deployment in the event of a serious and prolonged threat.

Russia’s motive for committing such an atrocity on a rebel-held plant would likely be demonizing Kiev. According to Kiev, Russia has been threatening them with a covert nuclear strike hidden under the guise of an accident as an excuse for a “full-scale invasion.”

“Kiev has received threats of nuclear retaliation through unofficial channels if it continues to fight pro-Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine," the Ukrainian Minister of Defense Valeriy Heletey stated last fall. “In the case of continued resistance they are ready to use a tactical nuclear weapon against us,” Heletey said at the time. He also lamented that “Russia’s ‘hybrid war’ in Ukraine is at an end, accusing the Kremlin of attempting a ‘full-scale invasion.’”

Is this the beginning of said invasion?

After being bombarded with shells for over 24 hours, the Pro-Russia Separatists were able to examine the extent of the damage. Numerous shells were found, including the OTR-21 Tochka-U scarab missile pictured above, which is capable of carrying a 100-kiloton nuclear warhead. This image shows the warhead on the outskirts of a giant crater that is supposedly resting where the chemical plant used to be.

Heresy Herald is suspending judgment until further evidence emerges. Our purpose in writing this column is to inform our readers of some of the under-reported aspects of this event. We find it entirely unsatisfactory to rely on the reports from mainstream media hosts who have been caught lying. HH may not get every fact right, but we try to. You may have noticed that we neurotically source all of our material. We want to encourage our readers to question the official narrative. It is possible that the supermassive crater in Ukraine was caused “by a dropped cigarette butt,” as Kiev claims, but maybe Kiev is wrong.

What if Russia launched a tactical nuke, which top experts say they’ve been working on, and which Eastern Ukrainian officials say they've warned of deploying? If the US military decided it wasn’t ready to promote all-out nuclear war with Russia, might they not advise people like Brian Williams to go on TV and say: “A chemical plant blew up in Ukraine this morning. In other news, Justin Bieber just pissed in a mop bucket?” It is a question we think worthy of asking.

Donetsk Touchka-U missile found.png


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