RED ALERT: Obama to BAN Most Popular Bullet by Fiat

Graham Helsabeck

Heresy Herald

RED ALERT: Obama to BAN Most Popular Bullet by Fiat

Outside of law and by executive edict, Barack Obama has asked ATF to place an outright BAN on 5.56mm ammunition "on fast-track."

This type of ammunition is used in under two percent of all gun crimes, according to our own Department of Justice.

We are investigating this further. Watch our recent documentary to learn more about the real data compiled by government agencies, universities, and random surveys.

There is only one reason the federal government would ban this popular and inexpensive ammunition, and it has nothing to do with preventing crime. This is being done to prevent veterans and patriots from resisting a totalitarian coup d'etat.

STAY ALERT for updates on this HUGE, shocking power-grab.

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