Holocaust Survivor: Obama Gives Me "Nightmares About the Nazis"

"There Are So Many Similarities"

"It reminds me - very much - of when Hitler took over"

Graham Helsabeck

Heresy Herald

Anita Dittman was a young Jew in East Germany when Adolf Hitler burned his own Capitol building down and blamed it on a mentally-handicapped, Dutch communist. Hitler used this false flag attack to declare himself dictator and begin his reign of terror against Jews, Gypsies, and others he deemed undesirable.

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Dittman was seventeen when she was sent to a concentration camp. She is still emotional when recounting her escape. Mrs. Dittman’s book, “Trapped in Hitler’s Hell,” provides the perspective of a person who experienced the horrors of a dictator taking command, spiting Congress and deeming himself supreme.

The United States Constitution is supposed to protect its citizens from a dictator by establishing separation of powers with three equal branches of government. Only Congress can make laws. The executive branch is responsible for enforcing those laws. The Judiciary steps in when one of the other two branches fails to meet their obligations.

When Perry Atkinson asked Mrs. Dittman what her advice for American citizens living today is, Mrs. Dittman replied, stoically, “Pray, pray, pray.” Mrs. Dittman was adamant that “things are going to get worse.”

Now a practicing Christian, she laments the ignorance of the general public. “People need to be informed. And of course, with me, not only am I informed, but I lived through it. I see a lot of similarities, because more and more is done by the government. Less is done by the people. It reminds me, very much, of what happened when Hitler took over.”

Mrs. Dittman explained that Hitler took over in similar circumstances as Obama. They both seized control during an economic crisis. They both shunned their legislatures. “Government – more and more – is controlling speech” now too, she continued. Dittman spoke specifically to the well-documented oppression of Christian ideology under Hitler, and compared contemporary US federal government policy to the Hitlarian purge of free speech in East Germany in the 30’s and 40’s.

“There are so many similarities. Nowadays you have to be careful what you say, and even pastors are restricted in what they can say. Government is completely taking over. Not only the medical situation, but also in our lives. There is less freedom of speech, and that is dangerous.”

Mrs. Dittman nearly began crying when describing the beginning of Obama’s first term as president in 2008. “I had nightmares about the Nazis,” she lamented.

As noted in the recent documentary, “Shall Not Be Infringed,” the second amendment was implemented to prevent a dictator from overthrowing the rule of law. This is why Obama’s push to ban bullets by fiat and pass free speech restrictions that even FCC chairmen find draconian are so incredibly frightening to people like the aging Holocaust survivor, Mrs. Anita Dittman.


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