Does Security Actually Trump Freedom?

Courier Tribune

North Carolina will hold its primary elections in seven months. The decision on who will take the reins from the first two presidents since 9/11 approaches. Donald Trump leads the Republican polls.

I remember the days and weeks following the attacks. The general sentiment among those in the Democrat camp was, roughly, “The terrorists want to see America discard the individual freedoms it was known for worldwide; we can’t fall into the trap. Go after the people who actually did it!”

The pervasive Republican philosophy was something like, “We need to use all our military might to crush these evil Muslim terrorists.”

Fast forward fourteen years. The NSA collects a recording of every telephone conversation (not just metadata) in giant warehouses. DHS modernized Continuity of Government (COG) plans to include the Civilian Inmate Labor Program and the Internment and Resettlement Operations plan. Bush signed Patriot Act 1&2, which primarily enhanced domestic spying; Obama signed five National Defense Authorization Acts, which primarily enhanced domestic policing under COG. Collectively, these two presidents have spent over ten trillion ($10,000,000,000,000) dollars on national security. Are we safer?

The supermassive expansion of airport security certainly made flying feel safer. The security line looks like a freak show entrance exam. Grandma pat-downs, shoeless beltless hatless naked body scanners, people of all stripes twisting and contorting in a macabre display of obeisance. But then again, the odds of a terrorist attack at an airport are and always have been lower than the chance of being trampled by an elephant or struck by lightning.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people walk into Texas and Arizona and New Mexico and California totally unimpeded. Obama says he has increased funding for border security. Border Patrol agents now provide migrants with US taxpayer-funded bus vouchers and information on how to acquire driver licenses. If they wish, they are given room and board at multi-million dollar compounds with swimming pools and fitness centers. Of course Obama increased funding. We had to pay for the red carpets.

It is unimpeachably documented that there is no federal border security anymore.

It is just as well-documented that tsunamis of violent felon migrants are being released from custody. 104,000 last year alone. 193 convicted murderers and 426 convicted rapists in 2013. These are all internal ICE numbers. All told, 347,000 convicted felons without citizenship roam free right this moment. Why? Because they are undocumented. ICE doesn’t want to deal with them, and sanctuary cities won’t deport them. So they roam the streets of America.

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