Scalia Dies Right on Time

In early October 2015, the infamously reclusive Matt Drudge knocked on the door of Alex Jones’ Austin studio during the radio host's broadcast. Roughly a year prior, Drudge deleted every message from his Twitter account and added one: “Have an exit plan.” Jones knew. He spoke with Drudge.

During the impromptu interview, Matt Drudge recounted a meeting with an unnamed Supreme Court justice.

“I had a Supreme Court judge tell me – to my face – it’s over for me. That’s it Matt; it’s over. They’ve got the votes now to enforce copyright law. You’re out of there.” Matt Drudge urged Americans to “be your greatest now” because “time is limited.” Clearly Matt Drudge was not particularly optimistic.

Drudge continued to recount the judge’s words. “They’re getting ready for these decisions to come. You thought Obamacare was shocking? Wait until copyright laws work their way up and the Supreme Court decides you cannot have a website with news headlines…”

After Scalia was found lying in unwrinkled bed clothes with a pillow over his head, Jones insinuated that the aforementioned judge was none other than Antonin Scalia.

“Like a Supreme Court justice, just last year, told Matt Drudge at dinner, ‘no they’ve told us they’re banning free speech next year’… And now somebody’s dead. I’m not allowed to tell you which Supreme Court justice, but I think you can figure it out,” Jones remarked.

Scalia was easily the most public originalist on the bench. He routinely made trips to national news outlets for interviews, and he frequently warned of impending tyranny.

In 2013, Scalia gave a speech in which he described the fall of Germany – at the time “the most advanced country in the world” – as occurring largely because “judges began to interpret the law in ways that reflected ‘the spirit of the age.’” Scalia delivered a variation of the speech on numerous occasions.

Scalia understandably took a security detail with him almost always, but declined one for his hunting trip to Cibolo Creek in southwestern Texas. The owner of the ranch, John Poindexter, was surprised when Scalia did not join him for breakfast. Poindexter came back after lunch and again received no response from the bedroom, at which point he unlocked the door and found the judge dead.

“We discovered the judge in bed, a pillow over his head. His bedclothes were unwrinkled,” Poindexter noted. The ranch owner, who happened to donate to Obama’s presidential campaigns, made no insinuation that he suspected foul play.

Despite the authorities quickly labeling the death a result of “natural causes,” myriad activists are concerned that Scalia could, conceivably, have been killed. William Gheen argued “the horrid reactions and comments expressed by many liberals online illustrate that Scalia was hated by many people.”

Gheen continued by explaining the significance of the death in terms of the 2016 docket. “Scalia’s death means the Supreme Court is now very likely to rubber stamp Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty orders, tear down Republican drawn districts in many states including North Carolina, and take deep left turns on abortion, gun rights, or anything the liberals have ever dreamed of.”

Perhaps those decisions would have gone politically left with the judge alive, as Scalia himself predicted in his dire warning to Matt Drudge. Now that he’s gone, those decisions will face no serious opposition whatever.

The repercussions alone beg the question. Was Scalia assassinated?

If Scalia was killed by the forces who want a politically left agenda to sweep through during Obama’s final year, though, why would the assassins leave a pillow on top of Scalia’s head?

Perhaps the elites are dog whistling to the last few pockets of informed, empathetic citizens who realize how much trouble we’re in.

The message is this: “If you try to stand against our agenda and we can’t intimidate you, we’ll just kill you. We’ll even leave a note on your dead body that reads, ‘Yeah we killed him, what the Hell are you gonna do about it?’”

Then again – maybe Scalia did have a heart attack right as he was getting into bed and the agony didn’t cause him to writhe about or make any effort to stay alive. Instead, maybe he seized a nearby pillow and calmly released it onto his face as he died, so as not to disturb his pajama palls.

In a nationally televised interview with Chris Wallace, Antonin Scalia was asked if he felt threatened by Obama overtly staring at the justices during the State of the Union Address. "No, what can he do to me?" Scalia hastily responded. Maybe he died of natural causes. Maybe someone killed him.

Either way, a colossus has been toppled.

Let’s say Obama ignores the Democrat resolution that bans presidents from making Supreme Court recess appointments. Let’s say he makes a nomination. Let’s say the Republicans block it. If Hillary becomes president, she will nominate Obama. Hillary herself said just last year that “he’d definitely make for a great Supreme Court justice.”

This could not happen without a Supreme Court judge retiring or dying. This is why the left is blithely applauding his demise on every social platform. Scalia died right on time.

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