Elites Plan Your Future This Week

The annual Bilderberg Conference begins this week. Members of the three-day confab publicly acknowledge the event now, although fringe press organizations that covered it a decade ago were called paranoids, fear mongers, and – of course – conspiracy theorists (a term that CIA mind-control experts literally invented and promulgated in 1967 to demonize those who dared question the Kennedy assassination).

Kennedy famously guided an entire 1961 address around the trope of secrecy and its destruction of free societies. “The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society,” he bellowed. JFK was the last real president our country has seen. The last one who was uncontrollable. He was born into an uber-wealthy family and they didn’t bow to corporate interests.

Hillary Clinton is now the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party. She would be a continuation of the post-JFK trend. She reportedly attended the Bilderberg Conference in Chantilly, Virginia, with none other than Barack Obama when both were still vying for the top spot eight years ago. I remember watching live feeds of black limousines with tinted windows pulling in. While we never saw her face, word always gets out, typically from hotel staff.

Nowadays, Bilderberg maintains an official guest list and itinerary. Media are not allowed inside to film the proceedings, however, and no public transcripts or footage of policy discussions has emerged. This is what makes Bilderberg different from Davos.

The topics for discussion this year include “Current events, China, Europe… The Middle East, [and] Russia.” Translated, this list might read something like “Donald Trump, Trade policies, Brexit, Muslim refugees, and Russian aggression.” But the elite planners, a group which includes tycoons of all industries and virtually all ruling bodies of any kind on Earth, do not want to the public to understand the immensity of the policy decisions that are made during the meeting. They want people to think some rich guys are off playing croquet and drinking Scotch.

There is nothing sinister going on. Go back to work. Or, as Bush said two weeks after the 2001 attacks, “Go down to Disney World.”

America is paying attention now. There is a growing minority that seeks information outside the boundaries of mainstream news. A recent Pew poll showed that just six percent of Americans have “a lot of confidence in the media.” Hillary Clinton said just a few years ago, “There is an information war, and we are losing that war.” Good – I say – but who are “we”? Certainly Mrs. Clinton is not referring to We the People. No, the elite planners who crave secrecy are losing the information war.

Donald Trump could be labeled an elite in some respects. He is certainly a tycoon. He could be invited to attend Bilderberg. His wife could be a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (another unelected group who dictates policy to governments), like Ted Cruz. Instead, Trump is a topic for discussion.

Controllers have apparently not been able to bring him in. Like Kennedy, Trump does not need outsiders to fund his campaign. Trump has already rejected a 100-million-dollar offer to select Newt Gingrich as his running mate. It seems that Trump is also uncontrollable.

This week, Bilderberg will decide whether and how to prop him up or bring him down. There are many ways to do both, and all options are on the table, because no cameras will be recording. Needless to say, major world events tend to happen in the weeks following Bilderberg each year. The public should stay alert.

The decision to exalt Trump or destroy him largely depends on Hillary Clinton’s fate. Will she be indicted? You don’t know for sure. I don’t know for sure. But they do.

If Trump is handled gently in the next few weeks, expect Hillary to be indicted. I assume that she is far too powerful to be indicted, so I also anticipate continued, ceaseless media attacks on Trump. If those don’t work, and Trump stands on the precipice of the presidency in October, and Trump actually wants to do the things he says he does (in other words he doesn’t have ulterior motives known to him and Clinton), then more drastic measures will likely be taken.

These are the mental meanderings that attendees of Bilderberg will make this week. And, again, no discussion, no plan (no matter how horrifying) will be off limits, because the cameras are off.

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