Trump Battles Deep State, Releases All JFK Files Despite CIA Warnings

The CIA pushed back when Trump Tweeted his desire to release the files. A few hundred files were kept secret until such time as Trump could review the files in question. The delay lasted just three days.

Now that the people, who are supposed to be the ultimate bosses of this three-hundred-year-plus experiment in self-rule, have finally elected a president who is not a pawn of the deep state, we are starting to see the deep state exposed.

Myriad lies have been exposed in the JFK files.

A brief overview of some key points are as follows:

1) J Edgar Hoover felt certain that Adolf Hitler escaped to South America. A photograph of Hitler, taken nearly a decade after his reported suicide in Columbia, can be found in the files.

2) The Surgeon General performed a secondary autopsy and concluded that Kennedy was shot through the front of the neck, probably by a second shooter.

3) J Edgar Hoover believed there were multiple shooters but lobbied the FBI to propagandize the American people to believe Oswald acted alone.

4) President Lyndon Johnson, hailed by the left as an icon of The Civil Rights Movement, was literally a Ku Klux Klan officer early in his political career.

5) Kennedy's brother mulled over a plan to launch terrorist attacks that killed American citizens in Miami to mobilize public support for an invasion of Cuba.

For folks on the left who lobbied Obama to release the files and expose the deep state, the sight of a president actually releasing mass tranches of secret files and not even redacting information should be a welcome relief.

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