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"Unprecedented Mystery" not so unprecedented

Graham Helsabeck

Heresy Herald

I think an entrance to another dimension opened in this area.” These were the words of Professor Junichi Yaoi of IOND University in the documentary program “Pure Science.” His speculation revolved around the disappearance of several huge seafaring vessels and aircraft in the Far East over the past hundred years.

The area from south of Japan towards Southeast China then back to the middle of the ocean trench has been a known hotspot for disappearances. Ancient Japanese fishermen called the area “Mano Umi,” or “Devil’s Sea.” Could the lost Malaysian flight have suffered the same fate as previous crafts in the region?

The facts of the Malaysian disappearance are the following: Flight 370 left Kuala Lumpur for Beijing at 12:41 local time carrying 239 passengers. The flight vanished from radar 49 minutes later. “Air traffic controllers in Subang lost contact” at 1:30 am. The pilots never sent an SOS.

The most obvious conclusion one could make in the hours immediately following the disappearance is that the plane crashed, probably into the sea. In the age of mass communication, if the plane had crashed on dry land, it would have been reported within minutes of people finding the wreckage.

We have now learned that scores of family members have been calling their loved ones who seemingly met their doom onboard one of the largest and safest planes known to man. The phones are still active. They have been “ringing out” for days. The same is true for the pilots.

This news seriously jeopardizes the theory that the plane crashed at sea. A devastating and rapid crash into the ocean would have probably destroyed all of the phones onboard.

The possibilities have been narrowed. Perhaps the craft crashed into an uninhabited mountain in the jungles of Cambodia. It is also possible that a pilot or a hijacker was able to maneuver the craft under the radar and towards his destination at some waiting airport where conspirators could demand a hostage for the safe return of loved ones. This seems less likely, considering we have had no word about a ransom being demanded.

A hard landing into the Cambodian mountains would have most likely been spotted by now, considering there is an international coalition of teams searching for the craft in every area imaginable.

So what’s left? Maybe it’s time we listen to the scholars who have studied the previous vanished crafts from this region. Is it possible that human beings don’t have the answers to every single rule of physics yet? Could the plane actually have flown into a portal to another dimension?

I don’t have the answers. What I do know is that this disappearance is in no way unprecedented. We should explore all possibilities in the search for answers. The families of the victims deserve it.

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