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Rioters Attack Police after Greensboro Trump Speech

Heresy Herald predicted that the central North Carolina Trump speech would host mobs of incensed "liberals" who would riot and harass or even violently attack "anyone who says that they have the right to free speech." The prediction was made in a video posted to YouTube before the speech, and can be viewed here.

"If we're proven wrong - if there is no verbal assault - then I will admit it and say, 'Wow, that's incredible; we are so proud of America; liberals were actually liberal tonight.' But, if I'm right, which I anticipate, then we will discuss just how far the left has gone down in their return to the FDR-style concentration camp digital ghettos that we now experience with the mainstream news and its social media acolytes... sycophants who cling onto the vestige of popularity," said Graham Helsabeck in his pre-recorded prediction.

Sadly, the predictions were proven correct. Hordes of protesters mobbed around police vehicles shrieking "F*ck Trump!" and "F*ck the police" as the protesters pushed the vehicles to and fro. One lady with a pink sign saying "F*ck Trump," when asked "Ma'am, why do you not like Donald Trump?", responded, "Because I'm for equality and I love everybody and I would never say no, like, f*ck y'all."

When asked to clarify her comments, the young lady retorted, "Not f*ck y'all - f*ck Trump... He's a bigot, he's an a**hole, he's a sexist, he's a racist."

Other protesters waved Mexican flags above their heads. One of the men who waved a Mexican flag was asked, "What's the message you want to give to Mr. Trump?", to which he responded, "Man, f*ck Trump man." The man, who happened to be wearing a Mexican flag sombrero, laughed after voicing concerns.

At one point during the peak of the mayhem, a protester who physically assaulted several police officers can be seen in the middle of the road. The man was tackled by an officer and loaded into a police vehicle.

"Incensed, anti-freedom zealots are attacking police out in the streets... and claiming to support free speech at the same time. It's an amazing paradox in American society today," Helsabeck comments after the arrest. "We've got people that can only communicate with curse words and loud screams. That's all they know. They have no ability to debate. Here they are trying to take over the street - attacking police officers, smashing the ground with sticks, and mobbing. It's amazing - carnage - as we predicted."

As the man who assaulted several police officers is being hauled away, the majority of the crowd can be heard bellowing, "F*ck the police! F*ck the police!"

One particular man can be seen throwing an object over the crowd and towards the peace officers. He says, "Ain't sh*t - you just like a female, man - a whole bunch of little b*tches."

Shortly after the arrest, a woman was interviewed by Helsabeck. "Ma'am, do you want to tell us why you disagree with Trump's message?"

"Because he's a racist bigot. He's ignorant and he's Islamophobic and homophobic," she responds. "He's just a f*cking a**hole."

To the general assertions, the interviewer responds, "What is he ignorant of?"

"He thinks that the guy who shot up the club did it because of radical Islam - no he did it because he was a homophobe. It's not the same thing. Don't be Islamophobic," she responds, before quickly joining the crowd and chanting, "The people, united, will never be defeated."

Of course, the young lady was referring to the horrible tragedy that claimed the lives of fifty in Orlando just days ago. A fundamentalist Muslim shot over 100 innocent citizens at a gay nightclub before losing his life in a firefight with police, to whose ilk the young lady in question had shrieked - just moments prior - "F*ck the police!"

The shooter pledged allegiance to the Islamic State before and during the attack, actually pausing during the massacre to call 911 and state, on the telephone, that he pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State.

The Orlando shooter was born to two Afghan parents and worshipped at a mosque whose imam had asked the flock to execute homosexuals out of "compassion."

One Trump supporter, Sebastian Duva, paused to speak with Helsabeck for several minutes. Of the protesters, Mr. Duva says, "I think it's people who proclaim a peaceful message, but really it's the opposite. I think really all they're doing is inciting the police. I think it's just blatant disrespect..."

When asked, "What does encompass the vernacular of these, I guess, anti-Trump protesters?", Mr. Duva responds, "Oh - they're all swears. You know, they're yelling F*ck the police. I mean, clearly they're not getting their message across the way they want to, so that's what they're resorting to... the liberal millennials out here right now aren't doing a good job of conveying their message."

Duva openly and unabashedly admits that he agrees with Trump's message. When asked which of Trump's policies he agrees should be implemented, Duva explains that he agrees that NAFTA should be dismantled, Obamacare should be replaced, immigration policies need reform, and businesses should be brought back to the United States.

One final interview was conducted with a Caucasian woman and an Iraqi refugee who held a sign that displayed a large swastika and equated Donald Trump with Adolf Hitler. "If you look at his playbook, he's following his playbook. One of the first things they do is destroy the rule of law. The rule of law is our judicial system, and to attack a judge like that is horrible, especially for a man who is running for president of the United States," states the woman.

When prompted to explain what she meant by attacking a judge, she says, "He kept saying that the guy was unfair, he called him a Mexican, the guy was born in the United States... it's ridiculous."

As the Iraqi gentleman quickly chimes in to explain his stance on immigration and refugee statuses, the gentlelady blurts at Helsabeck, "What hate group are you a member of?"

She goes on to explain that she is "extremely convinced" that Trump is a "neo-nazi" who will likely end up "putting us all in prison camps - all the noisy women and all the immigrants."

Multiple police officers refused to comment on the protests and subsequent arrest after Mr. Trump's speech, other than to offer thanks for the recognition of their hard work during the day.

More videos of the rally and the aftermath will be uploaded as they become available.

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