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SHOCK: 68% Want Compulsory Vaccines

Graham Helsabeck

Heresy Herald

SHOCK Poll: 68% Want Cumpulsory Vaccines

The Propoganda Campaign is Working

The vaccine debate has reached fever pitch this flu season, pun intended. The flu is worse than normal in twenty-nine states. An additional fifty-eight people in California have contracted the measles.

US Senator Rand Paul, a medical doctor from Kentucky, was confronted about some of his previous statements regarding vaccines when he joined CNBC as a guest this morning.

“Did you really just say… that most vaccines in this country should be – quote – voluntary?” asked a stunned and flummoxed CNBC host called Kelly Evans.

“Well, I guess being for freedom would be really unusual? I guess I don’t understand the point, why that would be controversial,” responded an equally befuddled Senator Paul.

“Senator, maybe you’re not aware, but there’s a huge problem right now with Disney theme parks having to close down with [measles]. Not enough children being vaccinated for measles, mumps and rubella, because their parents have decided, for whatever reason, that it is voluntary, I can tell you that plenty of the people who I work with are really concerned about their kids getting sick at school,” argued the incensed host.

Let’s put the science aside for a moment. Think very carefully about what Mrs. Evans is saying, what her trembling colleagues are saying, what is seemingly becoming a common component of our mental fabric of late. Think this through. Mrs. Evans is upset because parents who vaccinate their children are being put at risk by parents who do not vaccinate their children.

Mrs. Evans and others in her camp believe the MMR vaccine will protect them. Simultaneously, they are petrified that their vaccinated children will get sick because other parents refuse to have their children vaccinated.

If I were Senator Paul, I might have said “Ma’am, if you are protected, and your children are protected, then why are you concerned about someone infecting you with this disease?"

Instead, Dr. Paul calmly explained that he supported the basic science behind vaccines, but that, in his medical experience, it wasn’t a good idea to have newborn infants injected with the typically prescribed six vaccines, which include vaccines for sexually contracted diseases.

It is true that vaccines are generally accepted by most medical experts as effective deterrents. Humans have used scaffolded immunization techniques for over one thousand years. Even though the first modern vaccine wasn’t created until the late 18th century, humans have known that they can use mild infections to build immunity. This is why actually contracting the flu or measles will make a person more capable of fighting off future infections.

Yes, the science of vaccines is sound. Yes, vaccines are created benevolently. Like anything a human inserts into her body, however, there can be unintended side effects. Vaccines temporarily weaken immunity, which means they make a recipient more susceptible to contracting some other ailment. This fact has been absolutely confirmed by legion medical studies for decades, and admitted to be a problem by top medical experts, yet uniformed but popular reports like that of Tara Haelle simply claim it’s not true with no evidence and then move on.

Three recent examples of problematic vaccine programs:

*The 2015 US flu vaccine has killed 15 children so far this year.

*An Indian Polio vaccine permanently paralyzed tens of thousands of children in 2011.

*The measles vaccine has killed 108 Americans since 2003. Meanwhile, exactly zero Americans have died from an actual case of the measles during the same time frame.

Five vaccine inserts admitting to dangerous side effects:

*This chickenpox vaccine insert explains that the shot can cause unvaccinated children to contract chickenpox from vaccinated children, and the label thus advises vaccinated children to isolate themselves for “up to six weeks following vaccination.” The insert later cautions parents to keep their vaccinated children from consuming aspirin for six weeks. If the child winds up swallowing an aspirin, she is at risk of contracting a potentially fatal disease called Reye syndrome.

*This diphtheria pertussis and tetanus (DTP) vaccine insert explains that the shot can cause convulsions, autism and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

*This Gardasil vaccine insert admits that “syncope has been reported following vaccination” and top experts have expressed concerns that young girls are getting shots which their bodies are not ready for. Thirty-two Gardasil vaccine recipients have dropped dead immediately following administration of the shot. The CDC has since claimed that the shot did not kill these people.

*This Fluzone flu vaccine insert warns that it contains “25 mcg mercury” for “each 25 mL dose” and explains that side effects include Guillain-Barré syndrome, a dangerous, paralytic nervous disorder that kills 5% of victims who receive optimal, first-world medical care.

*This Flulaval flu vaccine insert admits what many similar flu vaccines have for years; the flu vaccine is never proven as “demonstrating a decrease in influenza disease after vaccination” before it is manufactured.

The MMR vaccine is probably among the safest. The side effects include allergic reactions and minor pains. In extremely rare cases, MMR vaccine recipients will see a dangerous but “temporary drop in their platelet count.”

Those are the warnings from the manufacturers. Those are not conspiracy theories that the system is poisoning your family or the companies are sickening your children on purpose. The simple fact is that there is a danger in injecting manmade, chemical tinctures directly into the bloodstream. Mass-casualty events have been caused by these programs in our recent past. Fifteen American children have already dropped dead from the flu vaccine this year.

Despite the pitfalls, there is a growing movement to eliminate the parent’s ability to choose what she can inject into her infant’s veins, and the movement is primarily growing in Democratic communities. Liberal communities. Pro-choice communities.

A new Pew Research poll showed that only 22% of Democrats think parents should be able to choose on this matter. 34% of Republicans think parents should have a choice. Younger Americans are actually much more supportive of choice, despite government-backed propoganda campaigns like the episode of "Sid the Science Kid," and the accompanying, taxpayer-funded webpage dedicated to convincing children that getting vaccinated is commensurate with singing and dancing among friends.

The Pew poll showed that African-Americans resisted a government mandate more than any other race, which is unsurprising considering our government’s history of secretly injecting them with syphilis and covertly exposing them to sulfuric acid, mustard gas, and various radioactive isotopes, among other toxins like an Agent Orange component called dioxin.

But NO! They should not have a choice! If a parent wants to pursue a more natural approach, she should be thrown in prison. Her children should be taken by the central government. This is not radical hyperbole. Just this week, FNC hosts Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly agreed with Democratic pundits who openly say these parents should be incarcerated and their children should be seized. Evidently, a vast majority of the American public agrees. People like Senator Rand Paul are dangerous criminals.

Dr. Paul says he chose to stagger his children’s vaccines, an option which growing, ferocious swaths of Americans, many of whom claim to support individual liberties, are now lobbying to dismantle.

Speaker John Boehner is moving towards an agreement with the giant corporate interests and government lobbiests. He recently said he wasn't sure about making new laws, but he thinks that "all children ought to be vaccinated."

While visiting friends in Virginia last weekend, I heard an NPR report that discussed this year’s flu vaccine. The host was reading from a CDC report. After the flu strains actually emerged this year, the flu vaccine was proven to be 23% effective because the vaccine makers had not correctly predicted the precise flu strains that would flare up this season. The NPR host also mentioned, in passing, that fifteen children have died from this year's vaccine. To summarize, the vaccine doesn’t work and it might kill you.

In a 2008 interview with NPR, President Barack Obama said that “the science right now [on vaccines] is inconclusive.” During roughly the same time frame, then Senator Hillary Clinton emphatically stated that she was "Committed to make investments to find the causes of autism, including possible environmental causes like vaccines." Clinton went on to make other skeptical statements about vaccine science, but a message from her Twitter account today claimed exactly the opposite is now true.

"The science is clear. The Earth is round, the sky is blue and #vaccineswork," stated Mrs. Clinton, in a dramatic reversal on her previous position.

I think part of the paranoia of pro-choice parents stems from this shift in mainstream sentiment. There are definitely paranoid anti-vaccine advocates who think all vaccines are designed to kill them, but not all parents who resist a requirement of infant vaccinations by threat of force are paranoid schizophrenics, even though news hosts like CNBC's Kelly Evans may treat them as such.

Dr. Rand Paul is not a radical, paranoid “anti-vaxxer.” He is a medical doctor who has spent decades studying the topic in medical literature and has determined that it is healthier to stagger administrations of vaccines, perhaps even against medical advice.

Mainstream pundits like microbiologist and RealClearScience founder Alex Berezow is openly advocating imprisoning smart, healthy, mature experts like Dr. Paul for avoiding vaccines against medical advice.

Administering vaccines to newborn babies is not natural. It might make the baby safer. Plenty of experts say it does the opposite. I think the truth is probably somewhere closer to the former, but even if a universal consensus of medical experts claimed that all vaccines were 100% effective and had no risk of side effects, throwing parents in jail would still be wrong.

Requiring compulsory vaccinations is not a liberal position. It is an authoritarian, totalitarian position. It is a radical position. It is a profoundly ironic position for pro-vaccination parents to espouse, and a profoundly ironic position for liberals to espouse.

In fifty years, I hope I still live in a country with some modicum of choice. I hope the state won’t monitor my bathroom to ensure that little Johnny brushes his teeth the required three times daily for two minutes each time. I hope the nightmare visions of Aldous Huxley and Eric Blair never come fully to fruition. Sadly, I am less confident in those prospects every single day.


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